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« The Mid-Autumn festival cloud life incoming TCL cloud. Thirty years from Z11 collection giant offered DengShi aeration shady decision-making: glass when crystal paper when sheepskin sell sell »

People love the "golden week for civilian machine" physical inventory

Time flies time flies, see will to 11 golden weeks, to prepare for home appliances renewal of old friends for 11 is absolutely a purchasing the good opportunity, because in the golden week except for a product of the discount promotion activities outside, some buy give activities, the drawing and activities will also have, then the author in today for the vast number of consumers to introduce recent what TV worth users about.

In the last issue we reviewed the how to choose the 32 inches liquid crystal TV and the 32 inches of sell like hot cakes liquid crystal TV, then what are in this issue,crystal pyramids we will to 40 inches-42 inches of liquid crystal TV, because 40 inches for inventory-42 inch LCD TV is the choose and buy the TV users gold, so here we size first in 40 inches will-42 inch LCD TV in the location in the market for a comprehensive analysis, to let users to gold in the size of the liquid crystal horses crystal TV has a more comprehensive and detailed understanding.


-vice have to concern about the back light

As the current LCD TV to see,crystal gift baby its main the back light is divided into two kinds, a kind of for CCFL back light, another for LED back light. From two back light display effect to see, have LED back light in the liquid crystal TV screen brightness and contrast has significant improvement in energy saving, and join in the back light crystal gift clock LED LCD TV also should be a little better than the CCFL back light liquid crystal TV.

The parameters of the crystal gift decoration need to have had

In addition to the resolution, crystal car model users pay more attention to the outside of the picture is the dynamic expression, because LCD TV exists dynamic delay phenomenon, so the user when the choose and buy should also pay more attention to some have times speed scanning technology or sports engine technology products, after all, crystal diamond keychain have the technology in the liquid crystal TV dynamic display effect can be effectively ascension.

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