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Review: Purple à Trade fruit plate shape to conquer your heart with

    Fruit dish, tissue box with a convenient, recycling, fashion, etc., it is common in a family home daily. How to find affordable in the market for such products, placed in the home, beautiful cut and fashion? Following HC home network to tell you the answer.

   Beijing Purple Lanna Trading Co., Ltd.crystal trophy is the first production of acryMarc Jacobs Resort 2012 Series printing wallpaper
    crystal gifts      lic household products business. Purple Lanna non-toxic, harmless, pollution-free polymer crystal materials research and development of various types of home, office supplies. Let's take a closer look at the purple Lanna products.
    crystal laser Second, the purple show Lanna Advantages

    crystal products 1, Appearance - color variety, workmanship

     à Trade purple fruit plate special attention to contours, as if doing is not just a fruit plate, but an art.
    china crystal   The eligible products are the big wave small wave edge and the edge of two, the edge of a small wave subtle elegance, with a classical atmosphere, more suitable place in the Chinese family.
    crystal box Big wave edge of the fruit plate simple and stylish, eclectic, fresh and elegant design, more suitable place in the European countryside-style home.
   Look at the fruit plate pattern close-up, pay attention to color, attention to detail, according to the severity of the color distribution in the petals of different areas, more realistic three-dimensional.
    Fruit plate which made ??the use of peony flowers, flowers trimmed with a thin edge of Phnom Penh, look more beautiful, eye-catching. Phnom Penh if off when you worry, then Xiaobian tell you, you worry about. Purple Lanna's products work very sophisticated, not easily change color, fade.

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