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Ninghai zhengda new century hotel: the ecological and new century hospitality volunteers

Yesterday, the municipal tourism administration jointly organized with the "thousands of people visit ningbo's most distinctive brand hotel activities" greet the fifth stop, 16 citizen volunteers representative has walked into the fenghua Watson international hotel and the new century hotel zhengda new century.crystal candle stand To take part in the activities of the volunteers are visiting the self-employed, real estate company staff, travel agency management personnel, bus company staff and enterprise employees, etc.

Fenghua Watson international hotel

The presidential suite in live.crystal plane model Someone package

Yesterday, the first stop in visiting is huaxin international hotel. A into the hotel, citizen representatives was the immediate and elegant and the lobby of the grand shake, crystal building model lobby with local characteristics of fenghua aside maitreya Buddha smiled for the guests from. In the staff of the lead, citizen representatives can't wait to visit the legendary presidential suite, crystal pen set price * speechless, but natural let the internal decoration luxurious also let a person to linger over.

Watson international hotel is located in the presidential suite of hotel 27 / f, area 800 square meters, with the sitting room, dining-room, kitchen, advocate lie, crystal souvenirs lady room, secretary room. Walk into 27, the first thing that catches the eye is a red antique bed. According to the introduction of staff, from 2007 up till now, crystal bottle stopper it has been in the position of the elevator door. Came to the sitting room, immediately be suddenly enlightened. Luxurious crystal droplight, Europe type sofa of internal decoration, the volunteers can't help exclamation its style.

"Chinese style style of small adornment mix build overall European luxurious air, make whole room add many aura." Civil society representatives ChenPeiJun side visit side evaluation.

In the room, and a row of huge Mrs.crystal pyramids The chest of systemic lens survivors, made in the wardrobe, add delicate dresser, satisfied all the needs of women and dressing. "This room can hold all kinds of gear and all kinds of cosmetics, jewelry." The introduction of staff said, the presidential suite in the facilities available, including the kitchen,crystal horses female guest if want to personally cooking, also can do.

"Besides characteristic and reasonable decorate a style of supporting facilities, we also for the presidential suite with attentive butler service." Watson international hotel JinLeQin general manager said, as long as the guest of the request is reasonable, the hotel will help do these accommodations, for example, you want to eat at 12 midnight fenghua street famous food taken late at night, these accommodations will also help you to think of a way to buy.

"Because the service in place, the presidential suite B area has been in a family of fenghua perennial cover, has already been a year." JinLeQin said.

"A golden key" answer their questions

Huaxin in international hotel, there is always the visit a handsome male waiter enthusiasm for everyone to guide. His collar and other attendant is different, with two golden key, the citizens curiously ask around him up.

"My name is WangHongPing, is the hotel 'golden key' and 'golden key' in the industry for guests provide all kinds of a dragon is all-around service personnel of appellation." The handsome boy said.

Hear the handsome boy is the sight of mobile, the delegates to the interest. "If I was a first to the guest check in you, fenghua hotel, I want to go out to play for you can?" Civil society representatives DaiHaiMing asking questions.

"Of course no problem, I'll help you look for a senior tour guide, arrange one-day tour in xikou, you tired of playing back to the hotel, I had arranged the fenghua characteristics such as dinner with you." WangHongPing replied with a smile.

"That's nice, go out and a steward help me arrangements for all, I think life will be relaxed and happy journey." For "a golden key" answer DaiHaiMing quite satisfied.

Visit, the citizens know to fenghua Watson international hotel is five-star hotel to assess, and has now through the city tourism bureau, waiting for the preliminary evaluation province tounism administration. In order to assess five-star hotel, also increased many soft improve the quality of the service. Such as hotel 17, the 19 layer is smokeless layer, if have smoking addiction in need the guests, the hotel provides free chocolate and small snacks. And in the hotel executive floor guests, can be in 18 building executive lounge realized in 3 minutes fast check out, do not need to wait in line to the lobby. Executive floor guests can also enjoy free use the swimming pool, two hours administrative saloon and a series of value-added services.

Citizen representatives comment on

Five-star hotel is close to people

ZhouHaiYue (male, private owner)

I double cease day would drive the family to fenghua and the play, I usually stay one night, mostly choose and economy hotel, this activity let my understanding of the wing high star hotel, feel the five-star hotels and not far from the common people, just the beginning we may be they gorgeous appearance scare you, feel so to fancy place must be very expensive, actually occasionally to live a night, also can bear completely.

LingYiBin (male, accounting)

The new century hotel in zhengda new century ecological and impress me, always feel in 5 star hotel to eat a meal price can let a person "the eminence be extremely and cold", cheap and fine food must be not much, so few selective choice in 5 star hotel for dinner. But understand before found, that there are a lot of high performance/price ratio, taste authentic "home" and "special". I hope we can spend more parity five-star hotel packages, let more people close to the ordinary people boldly walk into five star hotel to eat order.

Hu mountains (male, the institution staff)

In the TV heard before, five-star hotels will have "a golden key", this time a see real person. We met in Watson international "a golden key" to more than 20 years old, he not only to provide guests receive, send, buy, seal, repair, book, send, take, rent and all kinds of services, more familiar with the city, if we want to in the one-day tour of fenghua, he can help you reach the designated position, don't let you touch a fee god.

ChenHuaMing (female, the teacher)

I find five-star hotel five-star not only embodies in hardware, more it is reflected in the software. This time it impressed me is the new century hotel of those in zhengda new century hotel is beautiful flowers and plants, although its opening in 2003, but the overall layout give a person very sweet decorous sense, I think this due to these beautiful flowers and plants. According to room different furniture, decoration with different shapes of reflects human lasting appeal.

The new century hotel zhengda new century

The first taste of ecological feast


Begin from 2006, the new century hotel in zhengda new century NingHaiKai swim during the quarter launched ecological feast. Yesterday a line of citizen representatives also to taste the ecological feast.

After sitting, citizen representatives ChenHuaMing first, ask questions: "the ecological feast is avirulent and harmless vegetables green food?" Ninghai zhengda new century hotel market HuJianHui holding new century director of a menu told ChenHuaMing: "this is the traditional idea, actually we ninghai is the ecosystem demonstration county, the environmental advantages endowed with local of the most abundant aquaculture and LinMuYe, animal husbandry. Tea, prawn, turkeys, vegetables, the 10 DuoZhong organic ecological agricultural products processing made by the banquet, we called the ecosystem feast, this is our hotel alone door secret."

Took the menu, ChenHuaMing looked carefully up: chardonnay guest open swim, thick soup burn handleless cup of green crab, ninghai roast five fresh, fry potatoes are peasant burn, dates, bao juice stewing turnip, characteristic taro pot, children's treasure, white jade before shamisen mushroom vegetables, characteristic and head, egg yolk doll dish, nestle starch king.

"Green crab, before the child (note: white bean curd, oil bean curd, XiangGan), sweet potatoes are the characteristics of the agricultural products, CaiChang usually buy side dishes of time I will ask whether NingHaiYun, came to the ninghai today, I finally have a chance to taste authentic ecological agricultural products." ChenHuaMing said with a laugh.

Speak, several way between ecological food has serve. A pot of coffee for the carrot juice of bao on banquet, the citizen representatives contend for taste. "The radish is fresh and juicy, usually eat to turnip cellulose is more, but the turnip eat here like as much fruit juice." The first to come over and then enjoy such a high standard of treatment, citizen representatives mountains hu pleased booked them.

Buffet reception romantic and beautiful

October is the marriage the rush hour, in the new century hotel yesterday zhengda new century, citizen representatives just caught up with a combination of Chinese and western buffet reception is the room, at present of romantic scene let everybody intoxicated.

Wedding banquet advocate fundamental key is purple, escalator are wrapped in light of the bedstead, the purple outside made of flashing LED tassel yingbin Taiwan with purple canopy, the taste of happiness in the past.

Walk into the meeting. One side is the buffet, the other side is putting more than 20 tables, each meal with a Chinese tableware, the banquet hall is the central flowers amethyst T stage, T stage was full of warm in the background of bud silk veil, both sides each put a purple love god.

See this dream and beautiful scene, citizen representatives WangZhiLong 5 year old daughter WangJingRu happily in the crystal stage round, and put the several POSE let dad take photos.

Opening seven years is still eighty percent new facilities

Visit the new century hotel carefully zhengda new century hotel guest rooms and dining area of zhejiang, industry representatives at the overseas travel agency assistant general manager wang and see the whole entrance.

"As a reception meeting of the hotel, frequent from 2003 opening date hardware facilities remain eighty percent, and explains the new a management team of professional." Wang "all said,

"According to the hotel standard, general maintenance cycle foreign-related hotel is 7 years, ordinary hotel maintenance cycle for five years. Many of the Beijing high star hotel maintenance, every week with tung be wiped clean corridor door handle, the line that play a base, take the carpet below each bed thoroughly clean. The quantity is a vast, if not professional management team and strong, absolutely can't do this. And today, I will visit in zhengda new century definitely feel in these field zhengda new century management is very in place." Wang "all said.

Listen to the full analysis, wang "citizen representatives agree to nod.

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