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Beijing sale of 22 kinds of substandard food four kinds of pure drinking water is not

    Four kinds of water, some exceeding more than doubled bromate, chlorine and even up to par with the value of 12 times; pocket style bread, butter, bread preservatives excessive; there is a "taste for a long time to win," within two weeks of food in the 3 days in the production of four batches of food are all substandard. Today, the Beijing Municipal Food Safety Office of publicity 22 kinds of foreign food sampling failure, crystal diamond keychain and failure to stop selling food.

    Sampling the food regulatory authorities discovered a long time and Hung Hing flavor of a food company and Beijing Henry bread bread and butter in food production, there were excessive dehydrogenation of sodium acetate. Dehydrogenation of sodium acetate is a food preservative, preservative.LED crystal keychain It in food spoilage bacteria, crystal ship model mold has a strong antimicrobial effect, but not detected in the bread, the bread is also limited.

    In addition, Lite-Biotech Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch Red Gate Yulong production of bottled water, "the Blue Island spring high-quality drinking water,crystal cooperate trophy ice," chlorine value is 12 times the standard value. According to reports, chlorine can sterilization, chlorine to reach 0.05 mg / l, in order to have a certain disinfection,crystal customized trophy if more than a certain level, after drinking harmful to humans. "Wanchang" excessive drinking appear bromate, and bromate have been internationally recognized as crystal award cup a potential carcinogen. Beijing huangtugang production of bottled drinking water pure water, conductivity failure. Conductivity is a measure of the purity of pure water is an impor crystal business gift tant indicator, reflecting the purity of pure water and excellent production process or not.

    City of Industry, also found in the sampling, "a long time to win taste" food in the January 2, 3, 15 produce four kinds of food are substandcrystal medal ard, not the detection of sorbic acid,crystal model truck sodium cyclamate are all detected.

    The shelf list of the city's food

    Sample Name Brand Name production batch production of substandard items marked

    Is widely believed, crystal truck model then Mei Guangxin 2011.01.02 Food Co., Ltd. Guangdong saccharin

    Crispy shrimp flavor long golden won 2011.01.02 Wangcheng King Township Food Factory sorbic acid long taste of sodium cyclamate

    Five aroma taste meat for a long time to win the gold town for a long time 2011.01.03 Wangcheng Ve Wong Food Factory sorbic acid sodium cyclamate

    Sauce Beef flavor taste for a long time to win the gold town for a long time 2011.01.02 Wangcheng Ve Wong Food Factory sorbic acid sodium cyclamate

    Nine system, then Lam Guangxin 2010.11.23 Food Co., Ltd. Guangdong Guangxin sulfur dioxide

    Crispy shrimp flavor long golden won 2011.01.15 Wangcheng King Township Food Factory sorbic acid long taste of sodium cyclamate

    Nine system apricot flesh Donglong 2010.12.22 Tung Lung Food Co., Ltd. Tianjin sulfur dioxide

    Tom and Jerry nine through 2011.03.09 cyclamate, Baoding nine through Food Co., Ltd.

    Huang Qian Feng 2011.03.01 plum former county town of Gansu Province, the new Millennium Food Co., Ltd. sulfur dioxide

    Plum Wong Gansu Dapeng Dapeng 2010.12.23 Food Co., Ltd. sulfur dioxide

    Crystal potatoes constant collar 2010.11.16 Yongqing not good taste to the ancient village food processing plant sulfur dioxide

    Green bean / 2011.6.6 Baoding Taipei District Fudge Food Factory aluminum

    Grilled fish Dandong Feng Lin Feng Lin 2011.3.5 Food Factory sorbic acid

    Chuanchuan Xiang Xiangziwei 2011.3.22 Food and Beverage Co., Ltd. Changsha Jinxing sorbic acid

    Multi-flavor beans, bamboo shoots taste of the day 2011.4.15 acid Yuhua District, Everbright Food Factory

    Flavor bread guys graphics 2011.4.14 Beijing Hong surface long dehydrogenation of sodium acetate Hung Hing Food Co., Ltd.

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