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« Led before the holiday sales season TCL LCD TV blockbusters priceBeijing sale of 22 kinds of substandard food four kinds of pure drinking water is not »

TCL released television pilot super intelligent cloud cloud wonderful life

  : "Good morning, TV will automatically prompt us with a sweet melody up; just a gesture, television will begin to read our most like to hear the news; Pro out, just ask crystal candle stand 'how the weather like?' TV will be prompted with umbrella, or more pieces of clothing; occasional business trip, readily or video, you can immediately back to the home on television, and synchronize with their families to share the wonderful journey ... "

    August 28, in the "cloud. Tour the world - TCL global 'cloud life' Strategic and Cloud TV conference", TCL Group Senior Vice President, TCL Multimedia CEO Mr. Zhao Zhongyao, depicting life for the future of such a wonderful blueprint. And in order to achieve the carrier, TCL is the new crystal plane model release of four series of super intelligent cloud TV - cloud. Yi Z11, cloud. Bo V8200, cloud. Zhuo V7300 and cloud. Still E5300.


    Super intelligent cloud television: from gas tank to the pipeline gas leap

    "crystal building model ;Cloud computing" is familiar, IT sector, to mention a number of years, but the industry as the third revolution in information technology, but the "cloud"crystal pen set and TV combined is a new thing. TCL super intelligent cloud on TV in the end for life change?

    Zhao Zhongyao said, "This change can be a vivid metaphor to explain the smart home TV as if it were standing before the gas tank, crystal souvenirs and into the super intelligent cloud the age of television, just as we were using pipeline gas, at any time, with the need to use . "smart TV, crystal bottle stopper compared with the traditional, TCL super intelligent cloud-TV customers will have" massive, shared, fast, three-dimensional "cloud wonderful new life.

    According to reports, TCL release of this new generation of super intelligent cloud television, are used by leading cloud computing and cloud crystal pyramids storage technology; with a TV-based usage and hardware features, in-depth custom development of Android + system; and depth of implantation of the first rich Tencent QQ software;crystal gift baby crystal horses breakthrough for users of "crystal gift clock cloud identification, search cloud, cloud control, cloud sharing, social cloud, cloud games cloud Office" and the seven core cloud applications, the future will continue to expand.

    Massive resources:crystal gift decoration Tencent, software development contest neck and neck

    Briefing reporters at the scene saw the cloud. Zhuo V7300 is demonstrated live on the big screen 1:1 video communications. As the world's first TV Tencent strategic partner, TCL is the only support for QQ video communications television brand. Tencent's microblogging, QQ, weather, crystal car model on thousands of applications, will greatly enrich the four series of super intelligent cloud TCL TV applications.


    The experts said, all without massive cloud data center resources, television, television is not the cloud! In addition to the strategic partnership with Tencent addition, TCL rely on China's largest, most powerful content sites Huan network operations services, as well as China's largest online education service agencies Austrian Peng education can provide users with a flood of information, services, and educational resources. And as early as March of this year, TCL Android + on the start of the global software development competition, but also for TCL TV super intelligent cloud brought a steady stream of applications.


    In addition to vast amounts of resources, the cloud. Zhuo V7300 also features a gold top and black crystal screen ratio of the extreme narrow design, so that heavy television break the shackles of the border, bring an inch big screen, plus a one-point shock to experience 3D audio.

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