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Feng Shui Secret "suck money" trick six feng shui

    Home Furnishings more than beautify the environment can play a role in the pattern of good feng shui home, but also to patronize your house long term let the God of Wealth, china crystal ball you now pass some of which attract a small coup Lucky!
    The first one, the five elements of energy to open lucrative!

    In the famicrystal ball company ly home living room door on the position angle of 45 degrees, it is the so-called "next fiscal position." Here the display should be neat, clean, bright light is very important to maintain, if the light is not bright lights can be used to strengthen, so neat, clean, bright and financial position to the God of Wealth, please come in, will be rolling in money. If you can put a symbol of wealth in the mascot, such as: crystal,crystal gifts manufacturer gold ingots and so it is more attractive to the arrival of the God of Wealth.

   The second measure, Fu Lu transport gas money to!

   diamond supplier South-east of the sitting room of the economy and a symbol of family wealth, while the south-east of the element of wood, placed in position to tie a red ribbon or red string of green plants, such as: Evergreen, keel, Pachira, Gold Ge ... etc., can add to the family angry, to achieve "crystal pendant china Health Wang" effect.

    In addition, from the perspective of numerology, a symbol of "peace is a blessing, health is wealth", so the financial position at home, placing a gold suit and bring wealth effect will be more significant; or hanging a gourd, but also to enhance wealth helpful.

    Suspension method, that is tied with red string gourd, hanging in the living room ceiling south-east, about two thirds of the ground, allows you to add up,crystal gift supplier every year more than. Selection of gourd, the best is clean, complete, and left a pedicle head better.

  The third measure, jade seal open fortune!

    If you want the new year prosperous career, made fortunes, they can make a fortune for himself engraved stamp, printed on a charge of being in charge of a symbol of authority, said the work can be a place to take this wealth can be more smoothly. When the choice of seal material, suggested the use of natural jade, Lucky Lucky is more effective, but also a symbol of gem wealth, frequent use of financial resources can be vibrant, inviting wealth, with the complete collection in the seal box, to be received by guarding the treasury of the effect, so that money together, endless!

 The fourth move, the God of Wealth protection Rd treasury!

    Your family has been very serious financial drain problem? Still have the door or door directly to the staircase pattern? In general: serious financial drain at home or the door, the door directly to the staircase pattern, represents the home of the Treasury There are holes, will continue to leak money, so I suggest you use the array to guard wealth Fortuna Rd.

    First, prepare a red paper in five different colors of paper draw a circle (for example: red, yellow, white, blue and green, symbolizing the five elements: wood fire earth Jinshui), then the center of the circle to draw a five Tai Chi; then prepare five ancient coins (ie, the Five Emperors money) attached to the circle, and completed the so-called "Lucky Fortuna Rd array." If the request is the family's wealth, it is recommended that you "Lucky Fortuna Rd array" attached to the underside of the table; If the request is personal wealth, then proposed that "Lucky Fortuna Rd array" on the entrance door carpet, the foot is the door that day, money is money out of the foot, that is, with a wealth of meaning.

  Fifth trick, good luck painting through financial network!

    Paintings hanging at home in

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