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Wedding customs of etiquette dinner

    First, when you participate in the N kinds of etiquette dinner

    Invited,crystal trophy received a dinner invitation (either invitation or invitation), are able to attend to answer each other as soon as possible, arrange for the owner. In general, marked with RSVP (please reply) words, whether attended or not, shall have prompt reply. Marked "Regretsonly" (unable to attend, please re-) words, you can not attend be resumed,crystal gifts but should respond promptly. Orally about properly then sent invitations, note that the above generally have "Toremind" (memo) words, just a reminder, you can not answer. Reply to each other, can call or re-order letter.

    Accept the invitation, do not tamper with. Last resort in case of special circumstances can not attend, crystal laser especially the guest of honor, as soon as possible to explain to the owner, apologize, apologize or even take their wares.

    Invited to attend an event, hosted by the owner to verify, activities organized by time and place,crystal products whether to invite a spouse, and the owner of the clothing requirements. Activities for a long time in particular should pay attention to avoid the wrong place, or your spouse are both owners did not attend.

    Grasp the present time to attend banquets, sooner or later arrival time, length of stay, to a certain extent, china crystal reflect the owner's respect. Should be based on the nature and habits of local control. Late, leave early, stay too short to be seen as impolite or deliberately ignored. High status may arrive a little late, the guests generally should arrive a little early, withdrew and then gradually leave the guest of honor. Attended the banquet, according to local custom, on-time arrival or late twelve minutes; in our country is punctual or early two crystal box or three minutes, or according to the requirements of the owner arrived. Attended the reception, the invitations can be reached within the stipulated time. Do something in advance withdrew, after explaining the owner should quietly leave. Can also be pre-greet, then leave.

    Arrive arrive dinner place, took off his coat and hat first cloakroom, then welcome to the owners office, take the initiative to say hello to the owner. The case of festivals, should be congratulated.

    Gift flowers to join his celebration of the country, according to local habits and can be bilateral relations, bouquet or gift basket. Participate in family dinner, a small amount of discretion to the hostess gift flowers.

    Attendance were invited to attend banquets, the owner should follow the arrangements. The case of the banquet, into the ballroom before about their times tables and seating, table seating cards seated attention to whether his name was written, not indiscriminate sit. If neighbor is elderly or women, should take the initiative to help them sit down.

    Seated meal, the owner greeted, began to eat.

    Take food, do not containing too much. Plate of food after eating, such as not enough, you can re-take. If sub-menu from the waiter take additional time, until the waiter brought to then take. If I can not eat or not eat the dishes, take their food when the waiter serving or master, do not refuse, it is desirable on a small tray, and said "Thank you, enough." Sub-flavors of the dish, do not reveal embarrassed expression.

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