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Home indispensable to the "three lights" geomantic common sense

As night falls, dragging the weary of you see the lights lit up inevitably arises spontaneously up a "home similar arrow" feelings? Besides illume role that the light outside,crystal craft company in psychological can bring a person warm feeling, as for you the solicitude family, so sweet household always cannot leave harmonious lighting... However, you know? Proper lighting arrangement,crystal craft factory in kanyu study, more on the ascending household gas, reduce excess home bring adverse event of dark area functions such as household lighting design from the choice, the luminosity of the deployment, number of selection, the lamp ACTS the role of the evil spirit, etc in kanyu study, tell you how to the "vision" to choose and to decorate household lighting.


Diamond grinding wheel that cemented carbide grinding efficiency have qualitative change

With the development of science and technology,china crystal ball the new material is constantly increasing, mechanical processing is to high quality, high precision, high efficiency and automation in the direction of the development, the applicationcrystal ball company range of the ceramic diamond wheels also more and more widely, the dosage is increasing. Ceramic combination agent diamond grinding wheel is mainly applied in hard alloy, semiconductor wafer, diamond composite sheet, diamond tools, new engineering structure ceramic, precious stones, crystal, magnetic materials jof hard brittle materials mechanical processing, and obtained good use effect.


Crystal lamp market pricing standard price can be his lack of standard

The quality of a material of crystalline light general points natural crystal, the heavy lead crystal, low lead crystal, crystal glass, now the crystalline light on market more than 95% is crystal glass,LED crystal keychain even there are plastic, cost price is far lower than the natural and lead crystal.


China crystal soft power and the world brand gap greatly

Jiangsu lianyungang city DongHaiXian natural crystal sales accounted for 90%, and is called the "world crystals". However, the east China sea represent China crystal and world brand "swarovski" in sales and the brand on the approval, but very far gap. By multiple factors, our country enterprise hard to do bigger and stronger crystal, crystal pyramids related "soft power" is supporting the construction of ascension.


Maintenance: pay attention to maintenance and cleaning let crystalline light lasting shine

According to understand, to consumer, it bothers them at present is not only all of the attention often price and quality, and also gradually became they maintain lamp of a broken heart. Admittedly, s

Crystal photoelectric increased by 330.74 million for whip round shrink about 53%

By market environment were so poor factors, crystal photoelectric non-public real raise funds, and had expected 658.8 million yuan net whip round, compared to shrink about 53%.

Crystal photoelectric in the non-public stock issuance and listing GongGaoShu "disclosure, the non-public number is 9.2 million, according to the issuing price of 35.95 yuan calculation,crystal craft company the total amount of funds raised 330.74 million yuan.


A dab hand with plastic beads of old man "twin"

December 15, 69-year-old of three community JinJianXia woman with plastic bead prepare became "ErLongXiZhu", now, the old man, which took two years to prepare Chinese zodiac is complete.china crystal ball "Next year is the dragon, I was the last of the dragon, is into in celebration of the Chinese New Year!"


Double sheep lighting store energy saving lamp romantic choose two not mistake

Summer is the season of combining the brilliant, personality, truth is the release of the season. Reporter visit zhongshan double sheep lighting store to realize, with colorful lights decorate household has become a household adornment personality of the pen that nods eyeball, bloom the personality of the feather lamp, crystal ship model cloth art light lamp, flower lamp, lamp is become butterflies household lighting first selection, the household life becomes the awaken of spring is abundant, the brilliant to the attraction.


Crystalline light water into the crystalline shade changsha city south lake lighting and burst into flames

December 17,, south lake changsha city B building lighting a facade of a fire in the sandwich, the lighting the chaos, for a few appearance was affected.

"Smoke to outside, take a burning smell,crystal gift baby fumes could hardly keep my eyes open, fortunately fire easy come, otherwise the whole building is burned off." At two o 'clock this afternoon, changsha city B building south lake lighting suddenly smoke, several shops are affected, but fire officers and soldiers had arrived in time to control the fire. crystal gift clock The most serious damage of the old light lighting store hundreds of thousands of losses, the clerk wry smile: crystal lights into the crystalline shade.


History's most unusual 5 Christmas tree costly novel and clinking

The Christmas tree, in most people's eyes, is in the Christmas period used to foil atmosphere, a tree in the fir or loose with lights on the candle and decoration "decorate the tree".crystal candle stand This tree adornment cost, also won't outlandishcrystal plane model , after all, is only a single use up to the branches of the recovery. But this is in the world, true have some rich people, will be expensive in this "one-time tree" above! And they of the most expensive tree, would cost 913 carat diamond to build expensive.



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