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Need to tax imports of sapphire LED manufacturers can not afford to really hurt

   LED wafer manufacture key materials - aluminum oxide substrate (commonly known as "sapphire"), perhaps because of the words with sapphire who were misunderstood, china crystal ball recently began to be levied 10% excise tax.


Enhance the charm of the home feng shui secrets of love can not believe

    Marriage and family is a long topic, have been married or being in love to love and who are hoping to get their favorite person's attention and recognition, crystal ship model with their hearts and lovers living well in every step, but often always willing to do things with, such as a specific objective conditions, both on the personality differences, especially with the growth of communication time, the freshness of love has become weak. So, my friends might find out, "feng shui" on the relevant content, may be able to use it to enhance the power of love, fortune, and glamor index, the conclusion for themselves a better marriage and family Code Church.

Feng Shui Secret: indispensable at home, "three light"

   When night fell, dragging a tired when you see the lighted lights will inevitably arises spontaneously from a "go home like arrows," the feelings, right? Is because the light in addition to lighting effects, people can bring in the psychological feeling of warmth, as you worrying about the family,crystal pyramids china crystal ball,crystal ball company,crystal gifts manufacturer,diamond supplier,crystal pendant china,crystal gift supplier,crystal perfume bottle supplier,crystal craft company,crystal craft factory,crystal animal supplier,crystal horses,crystal gift baby,crystal gift clock,crystal gift decoration,crystal car model,crystal diamond keychain,LED crystal keychain,crystal ship model,crystal plane model,crystal building model,crystal pen set,crystal souvenirs,crystal horses crystal bottle stopper,crystal pyramids,crystal ashtray factory,crystal wine stopper china,crystal wine stopper manufacturer,china crystal gift and craft,crystal table clock,crystal square ashtray,crystal hanging decoration,crystal hanging ornament,crystal lotus candleholder,crystal candle stand,china crystal ball,crystal ball company,crystal gifts manufacturer,diamond supplier,crystal pendant china,crystal gift supplier,crystal perfume bottle supplier,crystal craft company,crystal craft factory,crystal animal suppliercrystal vase,crystal gift,candle holders,crystal ornaments,crystal gift baby crystal figurines so warm and harmonious home always the lighting ... but, you know? Just the right lighting layout, geomancy and more to enhance the home on the busy air, reducing the home dark area gas field and other adverse effects from the choice of style home lighting, light intensity of the deployment, crystal gift clock the number of selection, lighting and other aspects of the melt the ghost tell you how to use geomancy's "vision" to the selection and arrangement of home lighting.

Organized Blokus, "Ya still" spring and summer new release

    Recently,crystal lotus candleholder the Stronghold of "Ya still" as the theme of the spring and summer of 2012 new orders will be held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, franchisees across the country, agents crystal candle stand with the feeling of spring and summer of 2012 Blokus elegant and stylish charm.

Optical crystal: the core advantages of outstanding growth prospects

  Main points

1, the overall performance of the company to maintain stable and rapid growth: growth performance of the company remained stable in recent years, thanks to the growth of precision optical coating products, the future will be based on existing technical advantages and customer benefits, improve the coverage and product lines develop new areas. (1) development strategies: relying on four core technology advantages (precision coating technology, crystal ashtray factory precision optical processing technology, super-hard material processing technologies, semiconductor lithography), the optical image from the existing industry, and actively vote to micro-modules to business on behalf of the microdisplay industry, as well as the sapphire substrate as the representative of the LED lighting industry to expand, while the layout of concentrating solar industry, and ultimately the formation of the four industry structure; (2) development goal: crystal wine stopper china to reach the next 2-3 years, revenues size of 15-20 billion, mainly from the sapphire growth lighting business, and micro-cast module business.


3M China automotive paint a comprehensive inventory of beauty products

   Why paint beauty needs to be done:

A new car, paint more delicate, easily scratched,china crystal ball paint is easy to aging, loss of light, a new car to avoid or reduce the above beauty phenomenon, and extend the life of paint


Micron and the Shanghai Auto Museum renew fine car care services

  September 20, 2011, has a long history of protecting the U.S. auto industry leader in fine brand Micron announced at the Shanghai Auto Museum, Micron will continue to Shanghai Auto Museum car show car essence of maintenance services to provide all products and technical guidance.

Linyi, Shandong, LED lighting market analysis and analysis of the status quo

   LED is a term more popular nowadays, in fact, LED has emerged several years ago, but never been so hot. LED sudden warming since last year, especially this year, Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, LED completely broke, which makes LED more and more become the object of interest. Therefore,crystal building model the correspondent of the LED market Linyi conducted a detailed investigation and understanding.


Stimulate innovation activities in the gift industry TOP

     China gift industry started late, but the rapid development, according to the "2010 China Gift Survey Report", in 2009 the national gift sales up 890 billion yuan, about 100,000 business-related gifts, annual production of all kinds of gifts more than 100,000 kinds. Including handicrafts, ceramics, jewelry, crystal glass, small appliances, digital products, kitchen appliances, home textiles, toys, watches,china crystal gift and craft and health care products and a few top ten categories.


Spain MANGO 2011 autumn and winter fashion gorgeous bloom

    Recently, Spain's leading international fashion brand MANGO fashion first night in Beijing in gorgeous bloom, a the "Paris" as the inspiration for the theme of MANGO 2011 autumn and winter fashion show at the Central Academy of Fine Arts successfully staged. Following last year's March for the first time after the fashion show held in Shanghai, crystal craft company Beijing became the MANGO fashion writing another new look bright stage.



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