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The golden October shenzhen gift show depth interpretation crystal tale

Crystal, "flawless jade pure beauty, win a clear", is ice nature to human's treasure, its focus reflection, storage material, information, energy conversion, energy expanded the five functions, in addition to industrial and military USES outside, more used for household act the role ofing is tasted,china crystal ball jewelry. People believe that crystals, send out the energy can improve YunCheng, strengthen the fortunes and strengthen physique, etc. Historically, crystal is moral good luck, good health and longevity of the precious gift.


Beijing sale of 22 kinds of substandard food four kinds of pure drinking water is not

    Four kinds of water, some exceeding more than doubled bromate, chlorine and even up to par with the value of 12 times; pocket style bread, butter, bread preservatives excessive; there is a "taste for a long time to win," within two weeks of food in the 3 days in the production of four batches of food are all substandard. Today, the Beijing Municipal Food Safety Office of publicity 22 kinds of foreign food sampling failure, crystal diamond keychain and failure to stop selling food.


TCL released television pilot super intelligent cloud cloud wonderful life

  : "Good morning, TV will automatically prompt us with a sweet melody up; just a gesture, television will begin to read our most like to hear the news; Pro out, just ask crystal candle stand 'how the weather like?' TV will be prompted with umbrella, or more pieces of clothing; occasional business trip, readily or video, you can immediately back to the home on television, and synchronize with their families to share the wonderful journey ... "


Led before the holiday sales season TCL LCD TV blockbusters price

    Mid-Autumn Festival is coming soon, businesses are beginning a new round of promotional activities. Recently chosen to purchase holiday gifts for the family homechina crystal gift and craft appliances become the trend, crystal table clock in which TV is very welcomed by young people. They often choose some fashionable holiday promotions easy to use, easy-to-TV products to give the family as an expression crystal square ashtray of his mind. Mid-day course is part of the reunion, but many of my friends be able to talk his family Oh, To remedy this, many of my friends are already looking for a meaningful gift to the family. Moon cake and the like are too tacky, Xiao Bian today to tell you, choose a nice TV to the home of the parents,crystal hanging decoration can only show filial piety Oh.


Moon cake cool group net benefit intimate buy special Mid-Autumn Festival to create an alternative

   Autumn September, China Moon. As a traditional Chinese holiday Mid-Autumn Festival celebration to send moon cake festival has become one of the most important way, crystal perfume bottle supplier whether it is sent to the elders, leaders, relatives or friends, are brought full of blessings and care. In order to meet the needs of consumers, in 2011 the Mid-Autumn Festival approaching, cool special groups network launched the "Mid-Autumn Festival, moon cake celebration 'together'" special promotions.


Feng Shui Secret "suck money" trick six feng shui

    Home Furnishings more than beautify the environment can play a role in the pattern of good feng shui home, but also to patronize your house long term let the God of Wealth, china crystal ball you now pass some of which attract a small coup Lucky!

China's annual packaging waste up to 400 billion luxury packaging corruption

    Packaging waste to throw away 400 billion yuan per year

    China has the world's lcrystal cooperate trophy uxury packaging the worst countries, lack of standards difficult to curb the "casket" light "beads" phenomenon


QIN Yu Donghai Crystal bracelet that can be sent to the Mid-Autumn gifts

     Crystal bracelet to wear law is a luxurious, high-frequency crystal radioactive crystal is that it can attract energy radiation, for some of the crystal horses magnetic field, such as the cause of the Phantom, in charge of money Ametrine and the backbone of health-related crystal, are of radioactive crystal, should be worn on the right. As for the absorption of the crystal is a low frequency, is to gather some energy to absorb, for example, love the pink with crystal crystal gift baby and obsidian are of such a non-stop, should be worn on the left.


3D TV market into the 2011 best-selling TV products

   Since 2010, along with the increasing number of 3D movies, 3D television market began to explode. According to the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce Consumer Electronic Product Investigation Office has published the "2011 first half of the urban consumer demand for flat-panel TVs Investigation Report" data: 3D TV in the first half than second half 2010 sales growth has reached five times this year,crystal building model consumer 3D television than-expected growth in the year expected to exceed 600 million units, color TV market in 2011 to become the best selling products.


Shiseido ZEN design interpretation of perfume

      Information easy to read, Welcome to the information afternoon tea time. When the clock struck three times, the gift handicraft industry for the afternoon tea and all the moments pause, every day at 3 pm, HC Gift Crafts Network meet you.



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