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Crystal lamp market industry faces four major upset profit dips

   Crystal Light brand too much now, increasingly competitive market, in order to seize market share, businesses have to lower prices to grab customers, so that the operating profit decline. Profit margins, and if vendors do not happy, even more difficult to do.crystal hanging decoration Crystal Light is known as "Light of the King," the name, as in recent years, continues to introduce a variety of decorative lamps, especially in low light, the sudden emergence of simple style lantern, crystal lamps gradually less popular, and some brands even fade out of sight.


Difficult to resist the temptation of selling luxury selection on the refrigerator door

   When the appliance manufacturers and other fashion elements will be added to the Crystal product design, its luxurious charm is interpreted to the extreme, and so many people find it difficult to resist such a huge temptation.
   Selection of luxurycrystal craft factory consumer goods is not the performance show off their wealth, but rather represents a fashion trend unique taste. Now, Xiao Bian to recommend several "luxury range of children" on the refrigerator door, home design will be the crowning touch.

The same value of foreign capital in August recommended the most cost effective television

   August is not the traditional black of the season, the store's sales on the TV there are more significant decline, but the market has set off a wave of "Black Whirlwind", flat-panel TV prices falling, even the reduced prices of some products The bottom line,china crystal ball staged an unprecedented fierce price war.


Pure Italian crystal to attain white elegant style

    - The world's first to obtain complete sets of IF-winning Casa Imperial appliances debut Green Fair

    July 7, 2011,crystal horses Asia's most influential China International Consumer Electronics Show (SINOCES) opened in Qingdao. International high-end appliance brand Casarte Casa Imperial showcased the world's first to obtain a white crystal set of IF-winning home appliance products, with its crystal gift baby unique Italian-style elegance of the world's ultimate consumers presents a visual feast, a the exhibition of the most eye-catching highlight of the creative.


Lighting trick "pit dad" secret behind the high crystal lamp

    Ordinary lamps is difficult to sell moving a thousand dollars, and for crystal light, the thousand Yuan is starting. It is noteworthy that some unscrupulous vendors only superficial, they are light in the larger crystal clear place outside or light beads of good quality, crystal plane model while the inner or hidden in the office lighting is shoddy. This appearance, they are very similar with some of the famous lighting, the same appearance, crystal building model people tend to choose lower prices. However, the lighting market in Nanjing, there Su supermarket chains such as lighting, a clearly for sale. Consumers can rest assured to buy.


Buy common sense: the brand logo you identified strengths and weaknesses lead crystal lamps

   Different brands of crystal light, its quality and price will vary greatly. Some well-known brand in order to ensure its quality, to avoid being confused with, in each crystal engraved with the brand logo on the finishes, as long as you can clearly identify the time of purchase carefully.


Paris Fashion Week autumn and winter series of Givenchy 2011/12

    Givenchy (Givenchy) couture line launched a week ago, creative director 里卡多提西 (Riccardo Tisci) show 2012 spring and summer men's dcrystal ashtray factory azzling series, this colorful crystal wine stopper china series from the bird of paradise flower. In the subsequent fall and winter couture its 2011/2012 series, driven by curiosity into a paradise. crystal wine stopper manufacturer "Pure, light, fragile", the designer of the broad focus of its design. At first glance, these clothes are too constrained, 10 sets of clothes are white, or nearly so. But Tixi bringing it into the field of crafts.

Superior crystal ornaments Man Room to share the most sought after works of other materials

   In recent years, the auction market, the paper stationery market is undoubtedly one of the most species of concern. However, with the jade culture stationery record breaking price, where is the investment pools it? Crystal paper products will no doubt focus on housing, china crystal ball in the recently concluded Spring Bonhams art auction, a Qing Dynasty Dragon carved crystal hair ornaments to 36000 dollar deal Yamagata (right), crystal ball company no doubt the industry as a " big leak. "

Crystal perfume bottle car perfume choice but your best choice

    Why choose crystal perfume bottle glass perfume bottle and not the ordinary? In fact, there is a scientific basis, crystal perfume bottles with glass perfume bottle does not have "special abilities", car perfume bottle in the sun all year crystal model truck round exposure, if ordinary glass bottles it is easy to put the perfume inside the deterioration due to uneven heat, but use the crystal perfume bottles, perfume can maximize shelf life, and, perfume bottles, "belly" are very small, is the standard 2ML - 10ML, 2ML is the most scientific and rational capacity. perfume too volatile ineffective once installed, and put long-perishable,crystal truck model 2ML can be 2 months or so, before deterioration can be used in perfume, reduce waste, so the car crystal perfume bottle is your preferred, but also car perfume of choice.

Crystal Shield compared with conventional care agent

   Crystal Shield is a revolutionary hard surface care products, is an internationally patented technology has advanced. Crystal Shield means the civil process, stone, tile, glass care out of the traditional waxing or polishing crystal face, renovation of the plight crystal customized trophy directly to the stone, tile, glass, "put on" the protection of a magical crystal coat - Crystal shield.



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