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Qixian cooperation with Czech crystal glass production line construction project

     Crystal glass in Europe, "transparent gold" of the world. The main origin for Western Europe, Germany, France,crystal hanging decoration Italy and Eastern Europe, Czech Republic, Hungary and other countries in Europe in the 16th century became the world's crystal glass art center.crystal hanging ornament After three hundred years of development, as the center of Eastern Europe the Czech crystal glass production technology has matured, the world leader in production technology. The main products are color crystal series, crystal series of hand-gilt, colorful crystal series, crystal lotus candleholder crystal series white,crystal candle stand fine hand-carved crystal series, color kiln glass series, the Arab-style series. Especially hand-gilt crystal is the most traditional craftsmanship and the Czech Republic, the Czech Republic is a microcosm of traditional handicrafts, and are blowing the old manual process, with high art value. Czech Bohemian crystal is the crystal glass and Europe's leading brand.


Moonlight Crystal Mask instrument joined to create stunning dynamic skin

    Fashion trend, young we always have to attend various occasions fashion MM, dull, fine lines, pigmentation is their biggest worry.crystal perfume bottle supplier Although the maintenance done enough homework every day, but the effect is long overdue. Every time I see a mirror in the skin lost its luster, confidence will naturally be greatly reduced. To instantly brightens the skin, creating dynamic White Lucent? And is now Magical Moonlight crystal mask instrument to join the beauty mask trick, can make the skin like a summer afternoon showers, crystal craft company skin down to the nectar.


A comprehensive perspective of the world's largest gold ring

     china crystal ball Here is the Dubai gold market, I believe that all women are here to speed up the heartbeat. Stretches a few blocks of a variety of gold jewelry shops, crystal ball company windows hung with a variety of necklaces, rings, earrings, dazzling, almost the entire world in a variety of styles you can see here.

Pure Italian crystal to attain white elegant style

    - The world's first to obtain complete sets of IF-winning Casa Imperial appliances debut Green Fair

    July 7, 2011, crystal ship model Asia's most influential China International Consumer Electronics Show (SINOCES) opened in Qingdao. International high-end appliance brand Casarte Casa Imperial showcased the world's first to obtain a white crystal set of IF-winning home appliance products, with its unique Italian-style elegance of the world's ultimate consumers presents a visual feast, a the exhibition of the most eye-catching highlight of the creative.


Involved in the gift industry, home textile products, hot Selling Well

  According to the National Federation of the gift industry, Chamber of Commerce "2010 China Gift Survey" statistics show that in 2010, mainland China sales growth to 9500 gift billion, 890 billion yuan in 2009, again increased significantly. Insiders said that with domestic demand increasing for gifts,crystal bottle stopper sales of the industry is growing at an annual rate of a hundred billion.


2011 stone, jewelry, crafts tour opening Xicheng

   2011 stone, jewelry, arts and crafts in Wuxi Tangnan international tour officially kicked off Mall Dr., New World cultural city of international antique stone to bring its many businesses participating in this event, based event brought a variety of exhibits, but also greatly enhance the attractiveness of the field show.


The 6th Chinese small home appliance trade fair opened on August 19 will be

    The 6th Chinese small home appliance Fair tomorrow (August 19) in Huang Pu International Convention Center, the reporter learned from the organizers, crystal craft factory this year added an outdoor pavilion, a total of five museum, an area of 30,000 square meters now nearly 600 exhibitors.


Maotai led the Mid-Autumn Festival gift market price Teti, Xinjiang Yili

   Maotai 53 degrees in Shanghai Scoop up a bottle of 1788 yuan, 1999 yuan in Guangzhou Scoop up now Xinjiang is also the most expensive sold for 1599 yuan. "Mid-Autumn Festival approaching, rumors even Maotai prices."

    August 8,china crystal ball Tianshan Department Store name cigarettes, said wine sales counter, almost a year before the Mid-Autumn Festival, Maotai, Wuliangye and other high-end wines will be price increases, which has become law over the years. "Customers are experienced in time for the old prices before the purchase."


Moon cake makeup appearance playing "inner beauty" packaging playing a low-carbon wind

  Piaoyuan not smell dumplings, moon cake's flavor and spread out. Mid-Autumn Festival less than a month away, newspapers, television, street lamp, bus body, the elevator wall ... ... the brand's moon cake moon cake ads tell us that war has already started.


Moonlight Crystal Body Mask instrument time to join the Magic

  Summer, you can wear a beautiful dress for the summer but the sun the test burn of people uneasy, and this way, people love to hate, so the work of the summer Whitenicrystal souvenirs ng has become particularly important, not only can get rid of dry skin, and also can increase the skin's resistance to maintain the skin luster diamond-like sparkle! Come take a look at beauty of the people selected to join the fight with the magical crystal mask mask instrument it!



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