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Choice, absorption, decomposition of harmful gases fiber

  Cornell University researchers have used nanotechnology to develop a kind of integration of organic and metal fibers (MOFs). Selective capture of this collection of fiber dispersion in the air with chemical gases, toxic gases, etc., thus, it can help soldiers avoid through the filter system from harm. crystal pyramids This technology is particularly suitable for long-term exposure to harmful toxic gas environment staff. MOFs are porous mixture of an organic material made of crystal products, its handling of nanotechnology to achieve through user customization, to achieve the purpose of special gas absorption.


Ceiling will be the future market competition in favor of soft power

     Integrated ceiling industry hard last year, is integrated ceiling ups and downs of the year, as the industry said, the foundation will be more powerful foot, not a solid foundation may be eliminated. Even in this watershed has become increasingly evident of the year for many companies still novelty ceiling integration plans changed to a massive expansion and changes in the industrial chain, expect a faster rate thancrystal lotus candleholder others with tight encirclement.


Electronic components "second five" plan put in cold

   "Association" to reduce the background "gold"

    July 11, Electronic Components Association issued "China's electronic components" second five "plan" (the "Plan"), crystal craft factory this trend has been planning the first half of this year compared to the tangle of electronic components share hope. Unfortunately, due to the broader market fell yesterday, boosted by the news-related stocks did not, meteoric rise to very few have.


Skilled Weapon: 16 Unfortunately, remedial renovation

     Sometimes a decoration is not careful, it will bring regret to the entire home. The following is about the regret of the remedy.

    Unfortunately Location: bedroom

    Unfortunately, china crystal ball 1: no air holes to play in advance


Lighting consumption to meet the nine new multi-functional consumer fashion trends

  Today, home lighting competition focused on efficacy, modeling, process and application of new technologies, materials and other aspects of change; and lighting market, consumer demand is also showing several aspects of the above nine trends.


Feng Shui Secret: "suck money" trick six feng shui

  How to improve fortunes at home this year, in addition to the fleeting attention to feng shui directions, we also note that the pattern of the layout of the home itself, Oh! Arrangement as long as the intentions of a good feng shui home to the pattern of wealth and fortune, God of Wealth will be able to make long-term patronize your home, you now pass some of which attract a small coup Lucky!

Suzhou (China) Wedding City will soon open on September 19

  Ben Wang reporter was informed yesterday, Suzhou (China) Wedding City will be September 19 grand opening, it is understood, Suzhou (China) wedding in the city of Suzhou City, the specific location in North Street and Yun Qi Yuan Road junction, near the Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway and Yangcheng Lake Avenuecrystal hanging decoration , in the city center with lots. Suzhou (China) City building area of ??73,000 square meters wedding, to create a one-stop Wedding Expo Center, 300,000 square meters and more in the planning blueprint for the joy of being. A construction of the market can accommodate one to the fourth floor shop close to 500 businesses, crystal hanging ornament have a more comprehensive accessibility of parking facilities and a large area for consumers.

Laminate flooring breakthroughs in diverse fashion trends

    China's flooring industry is accompanied by the national economy, the real estate industry continues to heat up and bring a strong consumer market and developed each year to maintain laminate flooring alarming rate of 20-30%, gave birth to a number of excellent flooring brands establish and improve a quality product with Chinese characteristics, the standard system, while the flooring industry, there are also many issues: crystal craft company such as product quality varies greatly, many small scale duplication, production, backward technology, and three non-counterfeit products still exist , business process, the vicious price competition, service is not in place and other issues affecting the industry's healthy development.


Alternative hand-painted wedding sought after romantic Taiyuan

   Wedding entertainment also

    September 12 morning,china crystal ball the reporter Liu Xiang, Taiyuan City, a large mall in the corner to see the third floor, wall, counter are filled with a variety of hand-painted wedding photos. There are wedding photo invitations, table cards, picture frames, crystal swing sets, paintings, couple cups of different styles of product styles. Actor such as exaggerated cartoon pictures, funny way of drawing finished, very comic effect. Man's head long "horns", the woman who long "wings" in the painter's creative, the wedding has apparently broken the traditional concepts and impressions of crystal ball company people in the compulsory exercise. Some wedding also offers a "'s show" features, the time span to the 1950s and 1960s.


The Mid-Autumn festival buying machine more of preferential which cut prices refrigerator?

Traditional Christmas has been the major businesses of the important time, see PK Mid-Autumn festival will come, the stores to reviving the frenzy promotion. As China's annual traditional folk festival, we are waiting for "partings" beautiful moment of family reunion, harvest happiness joy and, crystal cooperate trophy at the same time, don't forget to warm the small change in time home appliance oh. The Mid-Autumn festival is also a good time to shopping, you might as well take this chance to the coveted already a long time of refrigerator laid a hand on him, will get a lot of benefits. Below is a bold prediction, small make up a few of the larger cut prices to open the refrigerator, hope to provide you Suggestions.



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