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Alternative hand-painted wedding sought after romantic Taiyuan

   Wedding entertainment also

    September 12 morning,china crystal ball the reporter Liu Xiang, Taiyuan City, a large mall in the corner to see the third floor, wall, counter are filled with a variety of hand-painted wedding photos. There are wedding photo invitations, table cards, picture frames, crystal swing sets, paintings, couple cups of different styles of product styles. Actor such as exaggerated cartoon pictures, funny way of drawing finished, very comic effect. Man's head long "horns", the woman who long "wings" in the painter's creative, the wedding has apparently broken the traditional concepts and impressions of crystal ball company people in the compulsory exercise. Some wedding also offers a "'s show" features, the time span to the 1950s and 1960s.


The Mid-Autumn festival buying machine more of preferential which cut prices refrigerator?

Traditional Christmas has been the major businesses of the important time, see PK Mid-Autumn festival will come, the stores to reviving the frenzy promotion. As China's annual traditional folk festival, we are waiting for "partings" beautiful moment of family reunion, harvest happiness joy and, crystal cooperate trophy at the same time, don't forget to warm the small change in time home appliance oh. The Mid-Autumn festival is also a good time to shopping, you might as well take this chance to the coveted already a long time of refrigerator laid a hand on him, will get a lot of benefits. Below is a bold prediction, small make up a few of the larger cut prices to open the refrigerator, hope to provide you Suggestions.


Pregnant women of feng shui taboo your baby notes to healthy growth

There is the said: a few days ago, the author should a guest invited to his new purchase, the house. House of Lord wife just was pregnant, and to the author in feng shui layout consult on what needs attention, the feng shui layout can his wife to the health?


2011 China art glass industry development trend

In recent years, the domestic art glass industry is developing rapidly, art glass from the original enterprise coastal open city to inland city blossom everywhere, represents a city such as guangzhou, shenzhen, Shanghai, and hangzhou. Art glass industry development scale as the snowball rolling roll, the greatercrystal square ashtray the art glass enterprise have mushroomed. Every year as Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou and other related glass industry all over the exhibition held for the art glass industry wide range promotion spread constantly send force, art glass industry growing influence.


Observation: add cent for competition China's gift industry change across borders

According to not complete count, 2010, shenzhen craft gift enterprise over 3000 employees, has over 300000, annual output value 44.67 billion yuan, industry export $3.38 billion.crystal craft factory In domestic market, its metal process gifts, Christmas gift, household gift table, electronic arts and crafts, gifts and other products promotion of sales are occupies the national first place.


Ideal is plump reality is LED by brutal market needs to be enhanced

Unfortunately, although LED products have obvious in technology of ascension, variety covers the household, business and public utility, and other fields, but mostly in business and public markets, and send force in household on the application, not many companies will want to take effective promotion plan. china crystal ball A attended the exhibition interior designers not hide his disappointment: LED light household shouted how many years, is still "ideal are very plentiful, the reality is crystal ball company cruel,".


Wenzhou Pingyang Third China Business gifts Festival beckons

    Business gifts production base in China --- Show Overview:

    China Zhejiang Wenzhou Pingyang is an important R & D and production base of the gift, is a rapid economic development of the city; Pingyang gift to further enhance the visibility in the domestic market, and promote China Business gifts base (Pingyang) the further development of business gifts for the building to the main business city of China Light Industry to lay a good foundation, crystal car model the county is organizing the festival business gifts.


Shilihe Lighting City Lights Building upcoming projects

  This is Shilihe Lighting City long-awaited project, sub-category, the new format, grand scale, can not help but focus the attention. Shilihe Lighting City area will be the original home lighting, light MALL fine museum and the upcoming building project a perfect light, smooth connected together,crystal candle stand the Chinese lighting industry with innovative value Adds a masterpiece, the lighting stores, especially engineering lamp operation to a new level.


"Aohao donkey-hide gelatin" - Peach Ji close contact with the white-collar

   Swept through the capital's office a "pre-" beauty is in full swing, the donkey-hide gelatin peach Ji "discovered that the U.S. - find Peach Lady" since inception on September 5, sparking a great deal of white-collar workers in the capital enthusiasm. Activities three days there is nearly a thousand beautiful white-collar workers upload their photos, and published his "Declaration of beauty." crystal wine stopper china Tens of thousands of users participated in the voting microblogging, "pre-" seems to have become the hottest office proposed new vocabulary.


Diamond plate stick shake "blind" electronic eye, said traffic police to punish

    "License plate on the even set a drill!" Recently, the Harbin on the microblogging community, said Ms. Sun, in the Daoli willow street,crystal perfume bottle supplier she saw a black sport utility vehicle's license plate in the sun shining exception, a closer look at the top even trimmed with diamond.



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