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Believe it or not the decrypted home five Cai Feng Shui

      In real life, many people often have errors in it, often think that the office can be a good feng shui, feng shui in the company invited several times to see the process discovered the errors. Many traders are often very particular about the company, but the household is messy, china crystal ball though a short time at home, but as fortune would affect the business, and the impact will not be less than the office feng shui.


2011 Ceramic public areas coexist survival analysis Opportunities and Challenges

    Rise thanks to the ceramic-producing areas of the Foshan ceramics industry to implement large-scale transfer. At present, the ceramic-producing areas showed "low, crystal ship model small, scattered," the situation in which industry-level low, small-scale enterprises, casual space layout. The areas can no longer rely on low land costs, environmental threshold is low, low paid labor force, low corporate taxes, lower raw material costs as advantages.


Dealer how to become cold city lights of the "tumbler"?

  Total replacement of the product changes that affect the industry and even lead to broad industry reshuffle, since the era into the LED lighting industry is also quietly in the event of unprecedented change. Whether manufacturer or distributor of terminal sales, there are varying degrees of experience: the lighting industry to the cold. However, survival of the fittest does not apply to those decisions out of the natural law must adapt to industry changes in order to win the market. crystal horses So as a dealer, how to maintain a stable development in the lighting market and take place in it? Recently, I visited the major lighting stores in Guangzhou Fu Lin, Fu-Lin Lighting learned how to become a city of cold light of the "tumbler."


Dawn Lucky children love nest big three good feng shui, the whole block Secret

    In 1996, Dawn spent ten thousand Hong Kong dollars to buy more than 3,000 now live in Happy Valley Mid-levels, Hong Kong music Gardens high-rise luxury residences, crystal square ashtray high above that can maintain the privacy, did not think last year he was photographed by the Hong Kong media and music-based children's flirting Home Care by the Hong Kong media refers to "two bedroom vertical Huan 30", so let him have the idea of ??moving.

Zhang Jie Xiena September 26 feng shui happiness wedding wedding

     Will be held on September 26, Zhang Jie wedding was held yesterday the new album, "Fame," visit the set of recording activities, and to accept the reporter's interview. At the same time, Xie Na, also announced yesterday a friend Kyung Ho will serve as master of ceremonies for the wedding.crystal craft factory Zhang Jie visit the set of the recordings, and also his last public appearance before marriage. New album will be issued in October, asked whether this is ready for marriage song,crystal animal supplier said Zhang Jie, the wedding will be playing their own songs, and certainly "will make all the guests were very moved."


"Lucky Sambo," Yu Xiang crystal bubble pot among the restaurant industry upstart

  "Lucky Sambo" was then made famous in the Gala of a national song, singing the Chinese people will, most people are like. Even amazing, is not alone, "food industry" it.

    Yes, this "Lucky Sambo" nor "Lucky Sambo."


Home Tips: How to correctly clean modern lighting

    Shade in different shapes and materials, have different cleaning methods:

     1, crystal customized trophy shade cloth: you can start with a small vacuum cleaner to suck dust on the surface, then pour detergent or detergent furniture only some cloth, replace the cloth while grazing position. If the inside is a paper lampshade materials, direct use of detergents should be avoided to prevent damage.


Lycra socks 2012 release trends and innovative products

   September 5, INVISTA's LYCRA ? (Lycra ?) fiber brand held Invista "INSHOW" cum hosiery trends 2012 conference, and launched a series of innovative products crystal car model and forward-looking solutions. Theme around the "socks. Charm," the conference, from the classical lines and bold eye-catching color combinations debut, the interpretation of different styles and avant-garde style legs, opens the 2011-2012 fall and winter socks fashion Password .


Home improvement home: Experts chandelier features and options Detailed

     1, the chandelier features

    Chandelier for the living room. Chandelier pattern most commonly used are European-style candelabra chandeliers, Chinese-style chandeliers, crystal chandeliers, parchment chandelier, chandelier style, cone-shaped cover lantern, lantern tip flat hood, waist cover lantern, quin ball chandelier, crystal candle stand lantern magnolia cover, Olive chandelier, etc. Single head for the sub-room chandeliers and long chandelier two, the former used for bedroom, dining room; which should be installed in the living room.crystal plane model Chandelier installation height from the ground to its lowest point should be not less than 2.2 meters.


STMicroelectronics' world's smallest "IC: clock chip crystal oscillator

  STMicroelectronics joint venture, STMicroelectronics (ST Microelectronics) listed a set of real-time clock chips and crystal oscillators in one of the "world's smallest" IC "M41T



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