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Crystal photoelectric last year in income increased by 31% to 410 million yuan this year from shots

Crystal photoelectric release 2011 earnings, annual realize business income is 433 million yuan, up about 30.51% from the same period last year, and realize the total profit of 150 million yuan, up about 37.60% from the same period last year, belongs to the shareholders of a listed company net profit of 122 million yuan, an increase of 30.23% last year.


Ceramic products popular new trend sheet as an industry rookie

According to expert introduction, sheet is the new industry, the market development mainly by the project is given priority to, is used mostly composed of color, are now beginning to focus on domestic outfit, hotel decoration market. Although ceramic tile wallpaper compared with do not fade, durable and other characteristics, but because it is thick,crystal animal supplier...

2012 lighting industry overall demand shrinking best-selling lamps prospects

According to the forecast, 2012 years of lighting industry overall demand will right amount to atrophy. Its total domestic demand will atrophy 10-20%, total demand abroad will shrink by 30% or more. So in 2012 is still difficult lighting industry, especially the first half of the year. The domestic competition, industry will be by "the ground competition" continue to transition into the "bowl competition".


Crystal willing to collect wine into the countdown stage listed

Recently, with the Shanghai international wine trading center LiWenFeng President led a team of senior experts do sichuan wine examination trip over, China new high-end liquor benchmarking-the crystals be willing to part with or use in many famous wine to the fore, China is expected to become the second paragraph in Shanghai international wine trading center the listing for trading of the investment collection products, time to market into the countdown stage.


Samsung LCD panel monopoly propaganda machine panel false

Samsung electronics: devoid of conscience
As the leading company in the field of liquid crystal display (LCD), samsung electronics to global peers took a very bad head.

In the present Chinese enterprises have been learn samsung "hot, samsung electronics is on the Chinese market in the global and frequently in" be questioned, accused of "the vortex of. The reporter sees, early in the years to finish before the global liquid crystal display industry chain of the layout of the whole samsung electronics, in global LCD panel firmly occupy, global LCD TV, global TV monitor, and other fields behind the first market share, but also exists to "price monopoly" unfair means such as, infringe upon the global is located in the downstream industry products manufacturers,diamond supplier...

Crystalline light industry is price gradually civilian eight big trends

Crystalline light into the domestic market has about two hundred and thirty years of history, especially the past dozen years, along with the rapid development of economy and people life level of ascent, the crystalline light more and more get the favour of people, crystalline light enterprise also have sprung up, market competition becomes increasingly intensified. The future of crystalline light industry trend will how? Reporter according to the market research results are comprehensive analysis, think crystalline light industry will show the eight big trend.


Double sheep lighting: overall intelligent lighting experts

Nearly a few, along with our country economy development faster overall, people life level and the level of consumption and therefore been improved greatly, and reflected in terms of residence, people already past the "resident went away its house", "home ownership its house", to today's "resident optimal its house". Another speed of China's urbanization process, the domestic two, three city the real estate market development by leaps and bounds, the household lighting wide prospect of market, the products cover home users, business users, engineering user three fields is acted the role of lighting products demand rapid, present a channel widely, some more wide of power. Household lighting will no longer as a simple lighting,crystal gifts manufacturer...

Industrial upgrading drive demand chengdu gift show thrusting the western market

china crystal gift and craft

"West triangle circle" strategic position, sichuan, chongqing and shaanxi province has clearly put to local economic development tourism as the pillar industry, the development of tourism with all kinds of popular undoubtedly gifts, souvenirs with the regional characteristic of demand. According to relevant data shows, only chongqing every year about thirty billion of the gift market; Historical and cultural city of chengdu, the annual gift market about around sixty billion. As the living environment requires the continuous improvement, household life gradually to the refinement, quality, more household act the role ofing is tasted into the domestic average homes.


XiaShi coloured glaze: is the beauty of Chinese classical culture quintessence now

Coloured glaze, deposition of the magnificent history, she passed the three thousand years of time and space, with the rich keep not collect wear colour. The song as the colour and lustre of tears flow, as if still in tears of FanLiShi don't tell xi shi QiQi earnestly, crystal tear drop the chest pledge of "I",crystal gifts manufacturer...

Crystal lamp price cat import more crystal as domestic

Recently, zhongshan hon w. trade Co., LTD, director of sales WanWei jie too busy, be a domestic large real estate group commissioned, the he and the real estate group engineering personnel, to the national many of the city's real estate group companies in the lobby of the five-star hotel to crystalline light and other luxury crystalline light sampling, testing, because the group suspected, according to contract suppliers to provide them with "Egypt import crystal"crystal ashtray factory...



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