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Mid-Autumn Festival gift packaging re-brand wine is not heavy

   Less than a month away from the Mid-Autumn Festival, the major wine brand promotional schedule for the Mid-Autumn Gold war, had a house on fire, including Mid-Autumn Festival gift wine market, is an important competition for major manufacturers plate. West China City Daily reporter found that this year's china crystal ball Mid-Autumn Festival gift wine market, luxury gift boxes greatly reduced, return to the true consumer demand, manufacturers pay more attention to brand building sales driven, and the emotions behind consumer marketing.


Involved in the gift industry, home textile products, hot Selling Well

   According to the National Federation of the gift industry, Chamber of Commerce "2010 China Gift Survey" statistics show that in 2010,china crystal ball mainland China sales growth to 9500 gift billion, 890 billion yuan in 2009, again increased significantly. Insiders said that with domestic demand increasing for gifts,crystal ball company sales of the industry is growing at an annual rate of a hundred billion.


Women's jewelry look as if fairy slipper shoes

   August 12 hearing, "a pair of good shoes is more than beautiful jewelry makes a woman happy.

     Unit made ??the film, a couple of souvenirs left behind after a divorce, a woman is the man to a room piled to buy shoes, and called crystal cooperate trophy the extravagance of the former Philippine first lady Imelda has three thousand dual-brand shoes. The significance of shoes for women, much more than jewelry. crystal customized trophy So easy to understand, not long ago who spent a mid-Wenzhou shoes brand would rather speak of increasing gold, but also renewed its fifth year with Wallace's contract,crystal award cup in the range of students laughing "endorsement price satisfactory" when the we understand, really is not who spent the money Zhuer Wenzhou bosses, crystal business gift all addicted to shoes such as the life of the woman.


Crystal cleverly borrowed wealth tips to improve your wealth

  If done business friends, so often the experience is sometimes a good business will pick up the front quickly, and sometimes the business is sporadic or Buddhism. This is in terms of numerology, five elements of each person is different, and sometimes wealth will lead to high and low wealth, is to present the volatility, it will take some time to work its effect. Particularly those crystal gift baby inherent lack of friends, wealth, long-term wear or display for your crystal is necessary, they can help you to gradually improve its own magnetic field.


Buy glass bottles of the bottle to ease Hongxing Crafts Firm

crystal building model       Case in point: I am Main: Control processes glass bottles sealed glass bottles wish necklace, cell phone rope oil bottle cork glass perfume bottle crystal soil, customized based, one-year partnership with the HC network, from the initialcrystal pen set ignorant , and now the clarity,crystal souvenirs the middle has a lot of things, the first time do not understand anything, just know that other hair hair hair hair but now in addition to online office hours, crystal bottle stopper the time to view the HC net buyers to provide accurate information, timely contact with the buyer, promote the deal, released a daily supply of information,crystal pyramids so that buyers can search to see the company's products directly. Although the turnover of the small amount of money but I believe the quality of our products,crystal horses services, coupled with the efforts of HC service, will in the near future to have more of the old and new friends to join.


Additive subject to the new standard will sell this year, moon cake generally become "ugly"

  Mid-Autumn Festival is so close, and now the mall began to debut moon cake. Recently, reporters found that by the "food additive standards", this year's moon cake sell general change "ugly", shelf life is shorter than some. The price in addition subject to the cost impact of new regulations also pulled up their play a role.


LCD liquid crystal display business coming era of outdoor applications

  That outdoor show, many people first thought is certainly outdoor LED display. Yes, LED display with a high brightness, vibrant color performance, and many other features by the majority of the user's choice of outdoor advertising products. LED display their own characteristics, but it led to more of its being used for large wall advertising. And the LED display viewing distance,crystal ship model so a lot of close-display or small applications, like shopping malls in front of the information display system, in front of many retail applications such as promotional information display, LED screen becomes powerless. The large-size LCD display products appear wellcrystal cooperate trophy to fill this market gap.

Feng shui life insurance mascot Citrine wealth again and again

    Yellow crystals in the gemstone industry is known as "crystal yellow gem," its color from pale yellow, are yellow, orange to golden yellow are. As the brightness and saturation are very good, as long as the transparent and smooth, and call crystal bottle stopper the top grade, and also than the topaz-clear, so much consumers, often cut into pendant or ring surface.

Crystal lamp market industry faces four major upset profit dips

   Crystal Light brand too much now, increasingly competitive market, in order to seize market share, businesses have to lower prices to grab customers, so that the operating profit decline. Profit margins, and if vendors do not happy, even more difficult to do.crystal hanging decoration Crystal Light is known as "Light of the King," the name, as in recent years, continues to introduce a variety of decorative lamps, especially in low light, the sudden emergence of simple style lantern, crystal lamps gradually less popular, and some brands even fade out of sight.


Difficult to resist the temptation of selling luxury selection on the refrigerator door

   When the appliance manufacturers and other fashion elements will be added to the Crystal product design, its luxurious charm is interpreted to the extreme, and so many people find it difficult to resist such a huge temptation.
   Selection of luxurycrystal craft factory consumer goods is not the performance show off their wealth, but rather represents a fashion trend unique taste. Now, Xiao Bian to recommend several "luxury range of children" on the refrigerator door, home design will be the crowning touch.



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