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Implanted in the cultural and emotional elements of your red envelope OUT. New Year's Day, the Spring Festival approaching, buy red envelopes to send some money, do you think the market to sell red envelopes are stereotyped? Does not want to want to give away some of the red envelope has your creativity and ideas? Today someone crystal products to start a business of personalized envelopes.

The home Crystal Love: Crystal products purchase Cheats conservation knowledge

 Most people easily buy Crystal Crystal glass with general confusion, So how to distinguish between the crystal and ordinary glass? Here's a recipe tips:
Listen: bombs hit with the middle finger, the voice of the crystal products ordinary glassware boring "popping" sound, crystal ware brittle voice, "Dangdang" sound with a metallic sound, the higher the hardness of the crystal, the sound louder.

Ancient Liuli the gift collection infancy in the ascendant

While contemporary glass art began to flourish, ancient glass collection is constantly evolving. China the colored glaze Network founder and animal husbandry is a circle of well-known appreciation of glass collectors, the For the ancient domestic the colored crystal products glaze Favorites situation, he concluded: just starting out in the ascendant.

"Package" a Variety of Gift Fair in Shenzhen come to the fore

Today, people's gifts concepts increasingly stressed the individuality, the fashion, aesthetic taste and high culture gifts become the darling of the market. Packaging as gifts, it is necessary to complete the protection of goods, transfer product  crystal trophy information, and marketing of goods and other basic functions, it also carries the emotional exchange information passed between people, to enhance the value of the gift and the taste of the task. Beautiful packaging, intimate gifts for people to put up a bridge of communication.

Personalized entrepreneurial played together make a lot of money

Jing Co., Ltd., Beijing building peak operating the gold crystal products source shopping centers Layer Color key manager Mr. Lu told reporters: "The common keys and color keys with sold, priced at 10 yuan each color key monthly surplus in 2000 yuan most cities across the country in the rent attendant wages lower than in Beijing, therefore greater feasibility of the company. "Mr. Qi said, the color key surface production can be personalized according to the different requirements of users, The printed pattern china crystal specified by a customer, such as the corporate name, LOGO, slogan, etc., as a medium of the media, the commercialization of value-added services, and publicity to enhance user corporate image.

Life crystal gifts and beautiful

Crystal pure permanent moral of so many people would choose Crystal gift as a gift, in fact, not just gifts, bought their own to be placed in the home will be room to add a charm to add a wonderful life.
1. The eternal constant color of wedding crystal trophy crystal like - filling everlasting love

Crystal Ying Crystal noble: wealth prosperity good fortune

   Like people who pay attention to the crystal jewelry, crystal gifts to family and friends colleagues, in addition to the overall design creativity and beautiful, but also pay attention to what it represents. Colorless crystals: on behalf of pure, crystal trophy selfless. Can improve the person's aura, get rid of distractions. Purple Crystal: on behalf of romance, marriage. Color noble. Yellow Crystal: on behalf of Fortune, Fortune. Brown crystals: on behalf of sound, Aetna. Green Crystal: on behalf of justice and development. Phantom Crystal: getting money is on behalf of, the cause of Hing. White Ghost Crystal: on behalf of clean,crystal gifts for the spiritual. Red Phantom Crystal: on behalf of business development, wealth prosperity. Rutilated: to the United States, Supreme. Red hair crystal: a warm, lively. Huang Fajing: prosperous, flourishing. Black crystal: the fiscal side,crystal laser helping the. Green hair crystal: happiness, good luck. Silver grain: wood Wang, evil spirits. Pyramid Crystal: gathering energy,crystal products good fortune. Crystal water tank: the magic and the supernatural. Crystal scenery: a microcosm of nature, a window of communication between man and nature. As the main crystal "disciples" Crystal, the principle is also true gift. china crystal Shenzhen Jing Ying Crystal Crystal Gift Co., Ltd. production, not only shape the distinctive, delicious and rich colors.


"Martial arts" premiere Tang Wei Li Takeshi Kaneshiro and other red carpet dress

     Movie "martial arts" in Beijing June 28 premiere. Big red carpet premiere of the star-studded, crystal trophy addition to carrying director Peter Chan starring Takeshi Kaneshiro, Donnie Yen, Tang Wei collective appearance outside, Chen Kun, Zhou Xun, Li, Lu Lu and Xia Yu Yuan Quan and his wife of more than 40 stars are dressed to come to join. crystal gifts Then look at the stars on the red carpet dress.


Syria Asia clothing: fashionable and affordable quality assurance

   Share success, to get the business more successful; to see others experience the success of shortcuts! HC Apparel Network Transactions in the first-to-date!

    Current Case: Asia Garment Co., Ltd., Dongguan City, Syria


Look entirely natural disasters and man-made cause of good feng shui to help you rise higher and higher

    Home is inhabited place in the highly competitive modern society, the enemy can be spotted quite a lot. So, for men, crystal trophy family is relieved to relax. The place is like a charge, it is not only very important feng shui office location, home to the cause of the impact is very important.



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