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Cheng fang, wild west in the white romantic

About this a wedding photos of male leading, people may not know who is Lauren, also don't know who is David, but from the couple's last name, but is not hard to guess the answer a few minutes. LaurenBush, the former President of the United States GeorgeH. W.B ush granddaughter, DavidLauren, top fashion designers, crystal wine stopper china Polo unlined upper garment, the founder of the trend RalphLauren the son. High society wedding cake can always become people mouth's heated topic, however the couple combined,crystal wine stopper manufacturer in addition to their respective representative political family and fashion house background, between lovers for seven years long courtship itself will moved many people.china crystal gift and craft Love will have the seven year itch, crystal table clock and the couple but in the seventh year hand in hand into the marriage. Coincidentally, Lauren name coincided with the name of David, and maybe this is the so-called destined to it.


European lamp disfavor enterprise hair winter of speech

European light industry this year is not optimistic. Base outside, house property pressure and consumption habits to; The base, rising costs and market competition intensified.china crystal ball It can be Fried in diplomacy, especially may come ahead of the off-season, part of the brand enterprise controller even published "winter speech".


Black crystal panel LED Samsung LCD TV bargains

     Samsung UA55D6400UJ is a black crystal panel LED LCD TV, support convert 2D 3D, an independent network interfaces, three USB2.0PC input interface, crystal ship model the Samsung UA46D6400UJ in sound surround system is used SRSTheaterSoundHD DolbyDigitalPlus / Dolbypulse Dolby sound, it gave on the visual and auditory bring you enjoyment.crystal cooperate trophy Currently, Samsung UA55D6400UJ quoted at 15,500 yuan, a friend might like to look at.

European lamp lighting industry how to market a bit thin winter break

   European corporate official in the town to show his face lights should be "China Lighting Capital" title settled before and after. In 2001, the number of Taiwan-funded enterprises began to test the water area of ??domestic sales, but unfortunately lack of acclimatization, the majority die a natural death, to pay a lot of tuition; 2002, the second light Fair unprecedented success, winning town, "China Lighting Capital"crystal craft factory reputation , reputation, and foreign companies after another, European-style light is also assigned to the town's share of exports; 2003, "Knox" in "Fei Xinuo" brand will be bronze lamps and soldering techniques for integration into the European markets a breath of fresh air; 2004, "crystal animal supplier Ike Liston" devaluation of resin as the backbone of the European-style lights, occupy the commanding heights of European lamp market, then rely on the breadth and depth of the Huayi Group brands and channels, market sales have been rising, art, after all, easy to follow suit to imitate the innovation,crystal ashtray factory enterprise more skill intensive channels; second half of 2005, "Knox" in order to segment the market to integrate marketing resources, have launched the "Emperor Wo Li", "U.S. Yong" and other sub-brands, At this time, "Alex", "desire" and other brands have been released,crystal wine stopper china the brand's market penetration relative to alternative measures to make the industry lifted.


Yimei Lighting: Lighting China to accelerate the pace of market competition

   , Zhongshan City Lighting Electric Co., Ltd. Zhongtian joint US-Lighting Factory Zhongshan Yi, Yi will accelerate the second phase of the U.S. strategic lighting, will soon face national

Shuangyang Lighting: to teach you how to choose lighting

  In order to house a bright, comfortable environment, many families have been busy with the decoration, home decoration. However, with modern lighting in the family play an increasingly important role in the selection of lighting should we pay attention to what?


"Perfect" marriage boom gifts do not "mistakes"

     The annual "Golden September and Silver Ten", will focus on the wedding bursting, then consider what to send a wedding gift has become a compulsory subject. Some people in this course there are honors, like a gift to each other, or even a lifetime collection; some people are not passing score, a gift to please not discuss the other side, in vain spent the money. So, this is a test you will not spend money,crystal ship model knowledge does not know the key moment in life.

Good luck to feng shui feng shui treasure treasure extra cash inventory

   In feng shui arrangement, often used in the town of Cai evil treasure of feng shui, but these treasures are look like? The following Xiaobian bring everyone to look at, and study:
    1, tank

    "Lord you mountains, the water main wealth", the tank has a strong urge financial role. But things have two sides, the water is double-edged swordcrystal gift baby if used properly, not only can not bring wealth, but also damage the small financial loss.


Hao Industry invited to participate in the 2011 session of the national network of children's photography forum for the exchange will be good corporate elite

    Shudao foot, into the Leshan, came to the foot of Emei, September 20 9 am, a grand conference kicked off in the year 2011 the National Children's Photography crystal candle stand Forum outstanding business leaders announced the beginning of the exchange, the author It is reported that this forum is the exchange of children by the Chinese Society of crystal plane model photography professional Committee, Leshan international Children's film photography son contractors, business networks Hao, Yu planning, ace consultant, Eastern mythology, crystal building model Alice co-co-crystal. I was invited as a member, also came here to attend the meeting.

Hardware industry disrupted businesses struggling twist things around

     Into 2011, the overall market in the metal parts under the poor environment, parts industry has slowed the momentum of rapid growth, most of the parts business through the optimization of production lines, adjusting the product price, brand management, etc. to actively respond to stress.



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