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Instructions: Analysis of a crimping machine is to use

     Crimping Pliers first stripping edge is used, close the pliers when there should be about 1.5 mm gap. The second is used to cut, with no gaps. The middle of "convex" crystal bottle stopper shape of the space is used to pressure the line, plug into a crystal head, to see that eight teeth is not just aimed at the copper, do not press hard, or a crystal head be abandoned.


Crystal Legends: Ruby - enjoy the passion

    Ruby the legend: the strict sense, ruby ??in people's minds, and not included in the scope of the crystal class, because it is very expensive, or a good ruby ??very expensive.crystal lotus candleholder Probably it is because of this, Ruby has not been given much legendary, because all along, the belong ruby ??are powerful things, but also the precious symbol, you can bring a ruby ??crystal candle stand symbol of your status and power, people tend to wear ruby to show off their abilities. In the Qing Dynasty, was a ranking government officials and rubies Prince Dingdai gem, we can see Ruby's position in people's minds.

Adverse headlong LED lighting business at home and abroad, "the winter planting" by life

LED short-term sector's downturn, but the LED industry will accelerate the development of long-term trend, the Philips LED and other foreign giants have adverse busy 'winter planting' to get the main future market opportunities. The third quarter of 2011, the boss 'on foot tide' spread to the LED industry in Shenzhen, mainly LED serious excess capacity, coupled with the deteriorating economic situation at home and abroad, so that prices have fallen sharply due to LED products. crystal craft factory Current industry concentration is low, restricting the technology behind the main obstacle to the further development of the industry. From the industrial chain, the upstream and midstream sectors more investment value, three optical, dry according to optical, electronic Eastern crystal, optical crystal and other companies will benefit crystal animal supplier significantly.


Count in 2011 between the stars and jewels "that points thing."

The stars will always be a new dynamic poster Girl One of the topics are most concerned about, their every shape, every appearance will cause fans of the great debate, beautiful jewelry and gleaming against the background stars, is leaving many to We memorable moments. Come to an end in 2011, posters, web series compiled to count with your jewelry this year between the stars and the "thing that point" - this is not the shape of the inventory of jewelry on the red carpet Oh,china crystal ball who did the designer? Who became a spokesperson?crystal ball company Who accidentally got him a little trouble? Who with the "funeral" to promote their new works? Immediately to look at it!


Shine RenXiang gift market breathing type mobile power suffers bestow favor on

Freezing, frozen cold! But, whether the north PuSu PuSu blooms of little snowflake, wet weather or the south are no impact on people's enthusiasm for the New Year. In fact, whether in the cold wind, all the Christmas tree, or market increasingly in the red decorate atmosphere, in a New Year that is about to open it.


WangYanZhi: understand architectural meaning light quality pursuit

The net undertakes of light Aladdin lighting six FangGuoJi summit has successively space in Beijing, guangzhou, Shanghai and three for three consecutive years successfully held, on dec. 20,crystal gift decoration 2011, the fourth light space FangGuoJi summit has six move into the "land of the reputation of chengdu, guests from all over the world in one common building, decoration, and light to the environment of heat exchange on a warm words. Hong Kong grand view international design consulting Co., LTD. The chief representative,crystal car model CBDA design committee of China lighting association WangYanZhi CEES guests to Mr. The table topics, sharing this year they have just completed two public building project: 26 th world summer games and tianjin university students of the west concept of lighting design and practice.


In 2012, the second international jewellery and arts and crafts exhibition

Start time: 2012-05-24

End time: 2012-05-27

Venue: Beijing's haidian district XiSanQi China post research arena to remit office building

United is: LiuShangQing

The telephone number: 13521321976

Organizer: Beijing arena of international exhibition Co., LTD,china crystal gift and craft remit


Home indispensable to the "three lights" geomantic common sense

As night falls, dragging the weary of you see the lights lit up inevitably arises spontaneously up a "home similar arrow" feelings? Besides illume role that the light outside,crystal craft company in psychological can bring a person warm feeling, as for you the solicitude family, so sweet household always cannot leave harmonious lighting... However, you know? Proper lighting arrangement,crystal craft factory in kanyu study, more on the ascending household gas, reduce excess home bring adverse event of dark area functions such as household lighting design from the choice, the luminosity of the deployment, number of selection, the lamp ACTS the role of the evil spirit, etc in kanyu study, tell you how to the "vision" to choose and to decorate household lighting.


Diamond grinding wheel that cemented carbide grinding efficiency have qualitative change

With the development of science and technology,china crystal ball the new material is constantly increasing, mechanical processing is to high quality, high precision, high efficiency and automation in the direction of the development, the applicationcrystal ball company range of the ceramic diamond wheels also more and more widely, the dosage is increasing. Ceramic combination agent diamond grinding wheel is mainly applied in hard alloy, semiconductor wafer, diamond composite sheet, diamond tools, new engineering structure ceramic, precious stones, crystal, magnetic materials jof hard brittle materials mechanical processing, and obtained good use effect.


Crystal lamp market pricing standard price can be his lack of standard

The quality of a material of crystalline light general points natural crystal, the heavy lead crystal, low lead crystal, crystal glass, now the crystalline light on market more than 95% is crystal glass,LED crystal keychain even there are plastic, cost price is far lower than the natural and lead crystal.



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