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Nine big transition help China lighting industry terminal market for cold warm

2011 years of lighting industry terminal market mainly around two important theme, one is lamps sells the crazy expansion; The other is a property market after missing the rigid purchasing power from the big market depression; If plus three basic level pigments, LED XuHuo price spread of episodes, overall, terminal dealers in 2011 crystal gift baby after a long pains period.


Yangzhou five culture industry garden area for "national"

According to a recent survey, municipal bureau of statistics report, at present the yangzhou has to form a number of more mature culture industrial park, industry development gradually becomes the system, the first sight of the construction scale, more have five cultural industrial park for "national". crystal animal supplier But those who be worth to remind is, at present the enterprise in the park will still need to form their suitable profit model, in order to avoid vicious competition, and formed a "a garden more enterprises, enterprise feature a" good momentum of development.


Life little common sense: nostrum cleaning crystalline light let beauty in bloom

With this new classic adornment a few years the popularity of the style, in household lamps and lanterns USES, crystalline light almost a series of river's lake situation. And the dazzling crystal lamp, dye dust scale can be after dazzling, therefore, regular cleaning is very important. But though use of crystalline light is many,china crystal ball but know how to maintenance, cleaning the human are not actually many. Crystalline light cleaning, there are many need to pay attention to the small matters.


The first section pukou customized LED lighting palette listed

The fragrant air, perfume also adjusted. Each type of perfume has a different mode, and each type of perfume and divided into the most of this before, in the end, attune. Although developed in the 1990 s parallel mode, but most still follow the pyramid three-step fragrant air principle, natural, belonging to automobile accessories crystal building model industry car perfume product is no exception.


Who the flap after 80/90 the visual nerve

Christmas celebrating New Year's day, meet hefei 8090 photo studio, launched the following activity theme

Value Christmas, New Year's day is coming, hefei 8090 photography studio in appreciation of the couple's love, roll out a group Thanksgiving reciprocate activities.


Stylist ZhouAngJie: Diana's first choice made shoes division

Born in Malaysia ZhouAngJie (JimmyChoo) there is no doubt that Diana's first choice made shoes division. Whenever princess Diana need shoes to match her each set of clothing, princess Diana would put

Join Yimei Lighting: successful selection of investors

    With the low-carbon economy surging, phased out incandescent light is a "bad luck." LED lighting industry in order to charge the semiconductor industry played a horn, home lighting industry has ushered in a new space. More and more people seeking a more stylish, energy saving, environmental protection,crystal hanging ornament new lighting, which is what people say lighting. In the real estate industry, driven by our full-blown lighting, lighting unprecedented market growth.


Nine Chinese lighting industry restructuring to help end the cold to warm market

    Lighting industry in 2011, the main end-markets around the two major themes, one is crazy lighting store expansion; the other is the purchase of the property market after the loss of purchasing power caused by the rigidity of the national market of the Great Depression; when coupled with three base toner prices ,crystal craft company LED spread of false fire episode, in general, terminal distributors in 2011 experienced a long period of growing pains.


On the two-sheep Lighting: Lighting and furniture trend of the overall package

  More and more furniture and lighting designer for the overall package design has shown great interest. The combined effect of many heavy elements to make the shape of modern furniture splendor.china crystal ball With the accelerated pace of life, increasing the pressure of work, rest home as a modern, living place, but was concerned about the people and attention. Thoughts and feelings as to show the master bedroom, cultural level, aesthetic taste of personal space. Home lighting is no longer as simple lighting, but as to enjoy the quality of life needs. crystal ball company Shuangyang lighting design company has been committed to independent innovation, to create a world-class lighting brand!


Network business, where the line start?

    The dispensers are more and more online, especially with the introduction of Alipay, a lot more determined to join the ranks of the people's confidence in e-commerce. Facilitate the trading platform, secure transaction methods have been gradually improved, but wait? So, when you have determined to open an online shop,crystal gift decoration the 'selling' has become a major concern. Situation from the shops, we can see, the current personal online trading shop is larger than the major source of self apparel, cosmetics, jewelry, cell phone,crystal car model home accessories.



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