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Crystal photoelectric intends to turn 10 sent 10 5 yuan 25 equity registers

Zhejiang crystal photoelectric technology Co., LTD (hereinafter referred to as "the company") has announced the 2011 annual rights dispatch scheme has been held on April 10, 2011 and adopted by the annual shareholders meeting, now the rights issues announcement assigned as follows: the company 2011 annual rights for dispatch scheme:crystal ashtray factory...

Stone protection guide: the advantage of crystal glaze all analytical

Stone material is a kind of has a natural aesthetic feeling of the duplicated decorate adornment material, but because of the existence of stone material itself capillary way and aperture, in mining, processing, transportation, installation and use process, in all kinds of pollutants, water and external force under the common function of, stone material will produce all sorts of pathological changes and the wear, the serious influence of material of stone of decoration and use effect, and the traditional without the stone material of slippery processing in water that is smooth, the use of safety problems exist. A panel of marble stone vulnerable to stone material is also wear-resisting and weather resistance of the shortcomings of the poor,crystal craft company...

High market prices low discount lamps iffy rigged

Recently, the reporter in visit each big lamps of stores, found a very strange phenomenon of "thousands of yuan can use hundreds of yuan to buy, with the brand with style in different store prices also have very big difference", all kinds of material, modelling, function the illumination luminaries of the full of beautiful things in eyes, found out from them the exact time the HuaTou under a have a hangover, when the choose and buy it is gradually spend fascinated the human eye.


Try to talk about the crystal rolling door product market the causes of the rapid development

Now the society is a what the society? The rapid economic development of the society, a developed country, a rapid development of the economy of the country, the most is not short of The most is not short of goods. The goods must also have a store, is the shop will have to use the door.


Home textile gift development present situation and developing trend forecast analysis

China's home textile market space is enormous. According to authoritative forecast, in the next 10 years, home textile market the growth rate of the year will not be less than 20%, that is to 2010, China's home textile products consumption will reach nearly 1.5 trillion yuan. Such a big market, the gift for home textile industry of sustainable development to create the unlimited business opportunities. Business is the opportunity, but also a challenge. Only accurately grasp the opportunities, and the opportunity to insight into business opportunities into wealth. So, home textile gift development present situation and future development trend?


"Seven" generalization of home textile market newest gift status quo

1, home textile gifts as a new force
The home textile product industry in gift, handicraft, electronic products, than crystal gifts, gift bags to much later, but the home textile product after the gifts, but soon become the hottest new bestow favor on, just a few short years time, home textile gift sales have to ascend to the gift company 20% of sales amount to 30%, and have steadily rising trend. Home textile gifts from the original single products-silk by expanding for a variety of raw materials, many kinds of style dozens of varieties. Especially the innovative home textile gifts, already far walk in the front of the big market home textile.


Creative household love on PengCheng shenzhen gift show in April

Life, festival, inevitably some birthday anniversary gift offer, and many friends for gifts already, want to find both creative and unique gift, see gift exhibition is a good choice. April 25 to 28, "the 20 th China (shenzhen) international gift, handicraft, watches and clocks, and household products exhibition" will be held in shenzhen convention and exhibition center.


" electricity" save electricity: technology innovation is the key

The development of the nature always show from a lower to the high level, development by the universal law of weak became strong, lighting industry is even more so. Since the October 1879 22, the great inventor Thomas Edison lit the first one really has extensive human practical value since the lights, through the exploration of later generations, and the constant technology innovation, from the initial development of incandescent lamp to energy-saving lamps, again to the current higher content of science and technology of semiconductor lighting, the energy consumption to energy conservation, flood to consummate change, shows that man for as long, never stop.


Crystalline light industry is price gradually civilian eight big trends

Crystalline light into the domestic market has about two hundred and thirty years of history, especially the past dozen years, along with the rapid development of economy and people life level of ascent, the crystalline light more and more get the favour of people, crystalline light enterprise also have sprung up, market competition becomes increasingly intensified. The future of crystalline light industry trend will how? Reporter according to the market research results are comprehensive analysis, think crystalline light industry will show the eight big trend.


Have crystal jade lighting transparence service honourable life

"Crystal jade" lighting brand in 2006 won the national registered trademark, crystal jade is YeSongFen lady to adapt to the brand, the founder of the domestic and international lighting lamps and market demand, and consumers for the launch of the combines traditional and modern, classics and fashionable crystal droplight, dome light, large project light, low voltage modern lamp etc series products.



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