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Shilihe Lighting City Lights Building upcoming projects

  This is Shilihe Lighting City long-awaited project, sub-category, the new format, grand scale, can not help but focus the attention. Shilihe Lighting City area will be the original home lighting, light MALL fine museum and the upcoming building project a perfect light, smooth connected together,crystal candle stand the Chinese lighting industry with innovative value Adds a masterpiece, the lighting stores, especially engineering lamp operation to a new level.


"Aohao donkey-hide gelatin" - Peach Ji close contact with the white-collar

   Swept through the capital's office a "pre-" beauty is in full swing, the donkey-hide gelatin peach Ji "discovered that the U.S. - find Peach Lady" since inception on September 5, sparking a great deal of white-collar workers in the capital enthusiasm. Activities three days there is nearly a thousand beautiful white-collar workers upload their photos, and published his "Declaration of beauty." crystal wine stopper china Tens of thousands of users participated in the voting microblogging, "pre-" seems to have become the hottest office proposed new vocabulary.


Diamond plate stick shake "blind" electronic eye, said traffic police to punish

    "License plate on the even set a drill!" Recently, the Harbin on the microblogging community, said Ms. Sun, in the Daoli willow street,crystal perfume bottle supplier she saw a black sport utility vehicle's license plate in the sun shining exception, a closer look at the top even trimmed with diamond.


Gifts for "vest": luxury packaging Who pays the bill for you

   "Small shirt" "vest" "coat" "coat", the product wrapped in several tiers. Although China has formulated in 2009, "limit excessive packaging requirements", but with the Mid-Autumn Festival approaching, the excessive packaging of this "persistent" problem once again cause for concern.


DengShi aeration shady decision-making: glass when crystal paper when sheepskin sell sell

Common lamps and lanterns thousands of dollars to move, and it's difficult to sell to crystalline light for, one thousand yuan is starting price. Note the, some illegal manufacturer only do surface article, they bigger crystalline light periphery or obvious place installation quality lamp bead, LED crystal keychain and the inner lamp or concealments is shoddy.


People love the "golden week for civilian machine" physical inventory

Time flies time flies, see will to 11 golden weeks, to prepare for home appliances renewal of old friends for 11 is absolutely a purchasing the good opportunity, because in the golden week except for a product of the discount promotion activities outside, some buy give activities, the drawing and activities will also have, then the author in today for the vast number of consumers to introduce recent what TV worth users about.


The Mid-Autumn festival cloud life incoming TCL cloud. Thirty years from Z11 collection giant offered

The Mid-Autumn festival eve, mysterious cloud TV finally remove veils, began to "fly into the average homes"!!!!! The global TV mogul TCL announced today that this date TCL super intelligent cloud TV, took the lead in the new area of China in full swing open to booking. This indicates thatcrystal hanging ornament China's first family in 2011 the Mid-Autumn festival cloud will formally birth. The open to booking information once released, and attracted large buyers of consultation order.


Samsung autumn product strategy to upgrade technology ChengLiang points. Active shutter

Along with the market competition of the diversification of major manufacturers last-minute hit in succession. Recently, samsung electronics invited many media, visit samsung tianjin research and development center, and convened the theme of "all GaoQingZhen 3 D-samsung electronics media Open Day" of the press conference. At the same time, and release many laptop. All kinds of policies indicates the samsung autumn market set in full swing total attacking.


Fresh air to: ling's collection of the excavated yulong jade. People started

Ling home beach site located in anhui province HanShanXian (now anhui) TongZha town as bullying of natural village home. Ling home beach site in 1985 found that total area of about 1china crystal ball .6 million square meters, the site by the experts determine it about 5300 to 5600 years, is the Yangtze river downstream chao lake basin area ever found in the largestcrystal ball company and most complete preservation of the neolithic settlement sites. In 1998, ling home is listed as the site of one of the ten new archaeological finds in 2001,crystal gifts manufacturer become the fifth group of countries and promulgated by the state council the unit.


Art lamp lighting lamps and lanterns decorate guide: master QuanGongLve of choose and buy

With the development of individual character, characteristics, decorate to repair the lighting lighting arises gradually and become decorating a process is very important part,LED crystal keychain today art lamp lighting experts according to master DuoNian lamps and lanterns decorate experience, and share with everyone from choose light to pack all the intellectual lights.



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