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Art Master Lighting lamp: highlights of home life

  Economic globalization, led to fierce market competition, but also allow faster pace of life. In such a pursuit of individuality, style, respect for health, quality of the era, home industries always been strong in the economy, enrich the material, while the innovation. In recent years real estate has been dominated by financial markets, household products also will be recovered. Family hopes to buy personalized furniture to decorate their home, a family wants to multi-dwelling, human furniture to improve home life. Then in such demand, the "integration of furniture,crystal gift baby " will get people all ages.


Around LED interior lighting of the nine core competitive trends

  From years of lighting market, lighting competition focused on efficacy, modeling, process and application of new technologies, materials and other aspects of change,crystal pen set home lighting back lighting is no longer confined to just the extent, while lighting market, consumer demand is now more important is to look at the following aspects.


European lamp lighting industry how to market a bit thin winter break

   European corporate official in the town to show his face lights should be "China Lighting Capital" title settled before and after. In 2001, the number of Taiwan-funded enterprises began to test the water area of ??domestic sales, but unfortunately lack of acclimatization, the majority die a natural death, to pay a lot of tuition; 2002, the second light Fair unprecedented success, winning town, "China Lighting Capital"crystal craft factory reputation , reputation, and foreign companies after another, European-style light is also assigned to the town's share of exports; 2003, "Knox" in "Fei Xinuo" brand will be bronze lamps and soldering techniques for integration into the European markets a breath of fresh air; 2004, "crystal animal supplier Ike Liston" devaluation of resin as the backbone of the European-style lights, occupy the commanding heights of European lamp market, then rely on the breadth and depth of the Huayi Group brands and channels, market sales have been rising, art, after all, easy to follow suit to imitate the innovation,crystal ashtray factory enterprise more skill intensive channels; second half of 2005, "Knox" in order to segment the market to integrate marketing resources, have launched the "Emperor Wo Li", "U.S. Yong" and other sub-brands, At this time, "Alex", "desire" and other brands have been released,crystal wine stopper china the brand's market penetration relative to alternative measures to make the industry lifted.


Red Dragonfly Fashion Group held "win dragonfly 16 years' conference

  October 9, 2011, China Wenzhou. Today (October 9), Red Dragonfly Fashion Group, held in Wenzhou, China "dragonfly win in 16 years," Fashion Festival, and "MEMORYOFVENICE" 2012 spring trends conference. At the same time, Red Dragonfly Culture Fashion Tour & China Shoe Culture Museum, Science Museum and the brand museum grand opening. International superstar Vitas (Vitas) as a mystery guest appearance in the conference after the china crystal ball concert for the guests interpretation of a musical feast.


Yimei Lighting: Lighting China to accelerate the pace of market competition

   , Zhongshan City Lighting Electric Co., Ltd. Zhongtian joint US-Lighting Factory Zhongshan Yi, Yi will accelerate the second phase of the U.S. strategic lighting, will soon face national

Energy of the "Electric Tiger" Crystal Light corporate profits increasingly thin

       Crystal Light known as the lighting of the aristocracy, with its elegant, luxurious bright features are widely used in hotels, shopping malls,crystal gift baby villas and other high places. Crystal Light in China emerged in the 1960s and 1970s, started in the late 1990s, in 2005 entered the development stage to tell. The number of firms appear multiple growth, mainly due to the domestic process of urbanization accelerated, improved living standards of the enormous demand. In 2011, global economic weakness, inflation and national regulation of real estate, home building materials industry, much to the impact of home building materials industry as a member of Crystal Light industry is also not spared. To further understand the current development of crystal light industry, correspondents Crystal Light has depth upstream parts companies, manufacturers, businesses to conduct investigations, crystal gift clock and with industry professionals to discuss industry trends Crystal Light.


Exclusive privilege of a comprehensive interpretation of peach Ji limited edition VIP membership card

     "Within the custody, to get that beautiful" can be described as female white-collar workers in Beijing recently popular fashion beauty new "food yet!" Recently, Shandong Dong-E E-Jiao Co., Ltd. Grand start "pre-" sea election, peach Ji "discovered that the U.S. - find peach LADY" stationed in the capital one hundred high-profile activities office, is now 2929 Beijing white-collar beauties hot PARTICIPATING.


Shuangyang Lighting: to teach you how to choose lighting

  In order to house a bright, comfortable environment, many families have been busy with the decoration, home decoration. However, with modern lighting in the family play an increasingly important role in the selection of lighting should we pay attention to what?


Art Master Lighting LightsArt Master Lighting Lights Fortune Express entered the second and third tier cities

  In recent years, driven by the real estate industry, building materials, home industry, the rapid development of LED lighting technology in the lighting industry,china crystal ball driven, energy-efficient lighting, decorative lighting is revolutionizing the traditional home lighting, green lighting is affecting urban development. Data show that the town and surrounding areas has gathered more than 6,000 lighting manufacturers, lighting the town with an annual turnover of more than 200 billion products.

"Perfect" marriage boom gifts do not "mistakes"

     The annual "Golden September and Silver Ten", will focus on the wedding bursting, then consider what to send a wedding gift has become a compulsory subject. Some people in this course there are honors, like a gift to each other, or even a lifetime collection; some people are not passing score, a gift to please not discuss the other side, in vain spent the money. So, this is a test you will not spend money,crystal ship model knowledge does not know the key moment in life.



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