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Time names of commodity wine: moving fluid

Humans have a long wine, drinking culture. China as the world with five thousand years of carrying the culture of four bigancient nations, wine culture as a part of the Chinese culture has a long history. And the official with its unique for an wine and noble identity, in wine culture plays a unique role. Purple light crystal gift baby liquid ( with its high image, a high price, high quality of the special consultation for positioning, become an official of the excellent wine culture inheritance.


Cixi a villagers 10 years cost millions of collect stone

In cixi with the sea HuaMuCun town to have a common two floors of the building, upstairs and downstair filled up with size of strange stone, just like a family "natural museum". crystal hanging ornament Stone is the house master excitation long general the 10 years time, cost of more than 100 RMB from all over the country "move" come back. A common villagers are willing to spend so much money collection stone? crystal lotus candleholder With his wife's words, "he loved to stone have reached the point of crazy."


Pure meaning type elegant casablanca emperor deduce to reaches life style

--the world's first get IF awards card, whole set home appliance appearance green expo emperor

Report from our correspondent on July 7, 2011, crystal craft company Asia's most influential China international consumer electronics fair (SINOCES) in Qingdao, begin. International high-end home appliance brand Casarte casablanca emperor on the world's first get IF the white crystal series awards home appliance product and cloud PAD TV products, with its unique meaning type grace for the global consumers presented a elegant extreme visual regale,crystal craft factory become the most brilliant start art exhibition products.


Old agate into collectors to be bestowed favor on newly modelling the high cost of the more elegant

Onyx, look today has not rare thing. But in ancient times, agate is value quite high rare thing, people often in "pearl agate" to show its treasures. In the past two years, in the collection field, agate began to have gradually warming trend, it can't help letting person to agate "previous incarnation this present life"china crystal ball much a few minutes of curiosity.


The black crystal clear panel samsung 40 D5000PR only 6100 yuan

Samsung 40 D5000PR LCD TV is the new product of representative listed this year, compared with the previous products, samsung samsung 40 D5000PR LCD TV to their own performance crystal gift decoration and entertainment function, the overall ascension, especially the streaming media function and family to join the local area network function is to provide users with various video file playback,crystal car model fully meets the needs of the users for daily use, crystal diamond keychain present quotation for 6100 yuan, crystal truck model have the interest friend can pay close attention to.


Visual feast UA46D6400UJ samsung LCD outstanding performance

Samsung UA46D6400UJ is samsung launched a 46 inch LCD TV, no matter you are ornamental excellent 2 D images or experience the jing 3 D graphics, its full hd display technology will let crystal building model you enjoy the unprecedented visual feast. The real CMR 800 Hz movement image processing, the black crystal panel showed deep black and the back light local control technology bring light the details crystal pen set of the rich contrast, will make your personal experience to the high clear 1080 p 2 D images. Like friend might as well and merchants to contact.


Samsung TV screen was the original false propaganda to deceive misdirect consumer

Face the domestic and foreign TV color TV, how would you choice? Perhaps homebred brand more cost-effective, also may have many people shouted at foreign brands imported screen better and likely to choose foreign color TV. But for penchant for ten thousand yuan above a lot of flaunt the original import panel foreign color TV,china crystal gift and craft how to prove that the original background, and actually let ordinary consumers don't identify and a lot of times, only believe manufacturer and salesman say. Recently a friend decorate new home,crystal table clock met such trouble, then call the author ask for help. And the author to store is surprising survey found that many foreign brand so-called original screen false propaganda serious, this among crystal square ashtray them with samsung to obvious.


Shoes enterprise aokang again hand in hand "the sincere not faze performs in Shanghai

December 9,-recently, should be the single people need, in "god stick festival" threads of not retreat, shoes enterprise aokang hand in hand "TV joking" crystal perfume bottle supplier MengFei arrived in Shanghai zhengda square, a live version "the sincere not faze" mutually close activities. As long as you hand in hand with success, aokang will also send you crystal craft company the right girl for a pair of MengFei personal participation by the design of "Cinderella" crystal shoe as a dowry.


Aokang to "stood on tiptoe kiss to love" play entertainment marketing

A few days ago, the huayi providence film and TV make, South Korea "pretty boy" jeong hoon has, popular idol yao, international supermodel PeiBei, old play ZhangChen light to deduce the bone urban fashion TV series "stood on tiptoe kiss to love" shot in Qingdao. For super star cast to join, china crystal ball the since September since boot has drawn the line of sight of entertainment media. And aokang brand of nature into also let the TV show in the entertainment and adding a marketing attraction.


Blue crystal won ten excellent sales agents "daily star"

"Reveal the elites, mapping the brand culture, promote the development of the industry, to promote the innovation spirit", 2011 annual "Beijing head can" crystal ship model cup 8 th ten large selection activities water industry at present has entered the final selection stages, the vote campaign has in hot, who can in thousands of companies to the fore, crystal cooperate trophy who will be 2011 years to water industry industry into the highest honor bag, who can "competing in the" water industry, who can be the star of the 2011 year, let us wait and see!



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