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Personalized entrepreneurial played together make a lot of money

Jing Co., Ltd., Beijing building peak operating the gold crystal products source shopping centers Layer Color key manager Mr. Lu told reporters: "The common keys and color keys with sold, priced at 10 yuan each color key monthly surplus in 2000 yuan most cities across the country in the rent attendant wages lower than in Beijing, therefore greater feasibility of the company. "Mr. Qi said, the color key surface production can be personalized according to the different requirements of users, The printed pattern china crystal specified by a customer, such as the corporate name, LOGO, slogan, etc., as a medium of the media, the commercialization of value-added services, and publicity to enhance user corporate image.

Life crystal gifts and beautiful

Crystal pure permanent moral of so many people would choose Crystal gift as a gift, in fact, not just gifts, bought their own to be placed in the home will be room to add a charm to add a wonderful life.
1. The eternal constant color of wedding crystal trophy crystal like - filling everlasting love



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