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Market watch: different occasions how to choice the gift

The meeting is in meeting the relevant units gift occasions with each other in order to strengthen the relationship between business and exchange presented to each other's memorial gifts. crystal ship model Generally the unit name and with mark. So in the hold their annual meeting, how should choose convention gifts? First make a gift should be roughly the classification, now small make up and you go to understand the different types of gifts?


Nine big transition help China lighting industry terminal market for cold warm

2011 years of lighting industry terminal market mainly around two important theme, one is lamps sells the crazy expansion; The other is a property market after missing the rigid purchasing power from the big market depression; If plus three basic level pigments, LED XuHuo price spread of episodes, overall, terminal dealers in 2011 crystal gift baby after a long pains period.


Yangzhou five culture industry garden area for "national"

According to a recent survey, municipal bureau of statistics report, at present the yangzhou has to form a number of more mature culture industrial park, industry development gradually becomes the system, the first sight of the construction scale, more have five cultural industrial park for "national". crystal animal supplier But those who be worth to remind is, at present the enterprise in the park will still need to form their suitable profit model, in order to avoid vicious competition, and formed a "a garden more enterprises, enterprise feature a" good momentum of development.


Life little common sense: nostrum cleaning crystalline light let beauty in bloom

With this new classic adornment a few years the popularity of the style, in household lamps and lanterns USES, crystalline light almost a series of river's lake situation. And the dazzling crystal lamp, dye dust scale can be after dazzling, therefore, regular cleaning is very important. But though use of crystalline light is many,china crystal ball but know how to maintenance, cleaning the human are not actually many. Crystalline light cleaning, there are many need to pay attention to the small matters.


The first section pukou customized LED lighting palette listed

The fragrant air, perfume also adjusted. Each type of perfume has a different mode, and each type of perfume and divided into the most of this before, in the end, attune. Although developed in the 1990 s parallel mode, but most still follow the pyramid three-step fragrant air principle, natural, belonging to automobile accessories crystal building model industry car perfume product is no exception.



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