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Most cow current car body stick full swarovski crystal

Millions of swarovski crystal mini Cooper car

Now before you is a car enchasing 1 million swarovski crystal mini Cooper, the crystalline 40 kinds of different colour, 10 representing the United States characteristics of the flowery design,crystal ship model including the star-spangled banner, the eagle, statue of liberty, the President, the White House, congress, the statue mansion, the space shuttle, the Hollywood sign, the Washington Monument and the Chrysler building,crystal cooperate trophy so the work's name is called "the United States sign".


Combined with the yacht resources open new hotel selling point

The high that stone, haikou XinBu Howard Johnson resort island general manager. The high that stone is a has more than 30 years of experience in hotel management professional managers, crystal gift clock he worked in dubai, Canada and China's Beijing and Shanghai to the intercontinental group, Hilton group, the group hotel lmperial moon cake took office, has the rich hotel management experience. crystal gift decoration Before this, he's in Shanghai eton hotel as a general manager. Haikou XinBu Howard Johnson resort island to try and be at the industry in 2011 China (haikou) yacht and the second economic BBS of hainan international yacht exhibition, Chinese and foreign guests and the reception of nearly 400 people, be the focus. crystal car model Opening the beginning of exhibition to undertake large scale, it is no doubt for hotels comprehensive strength for a test. Interview with reporters that stone high.


2012 annual meeting of creative gifts PK through on the department of apple

Across New Year, YingChunJie, an office worker care about most in addition to the annual bonus, is the annual convention, in order to increase the feelings among employees and enterprise cohesion, every large company, enterprise or business the unit is the planning of the annual meeting of the respective spare no effort,crystal souvenirs and the performing arts company, clothing lease, gift company, dance training institutions also grasp opportunity to become annual meeting of the economic benefit.


Drinks "rise" ring

Beverage market "every quarter will rise", crystal wine stopper manufacturer the distance from the Spring Festival is less than half a month, the reporter learns yesterday, liquor market maotai, wu liang ye first brand prices continue to rise, drunkard wine, FengGu and second line brand also successively follow up, ZhangYu, dynasty is cast in wine such as price 20% before the Spring Festival.


Brand agency become lighting lighting the mainstream of marketing way

Lighting industry at present main used four channel mode: brand agency model, retail mode, engineering model and the network marketing mode. The products category is different, in different stages of development, the enterprise the channel mode are also different.


China crystal soft power and the world brand gap greatly

Jiangsu lianyungang city DongHaiXian natural crystal sales accounted for 90%, and is called the "world crystals". However, the east China sea represent China crystal and world brand "crystal ship model swarovski" in sales and the brand on the approval, but very far gap. By multiple factors, our country enterprise hard to do bigger and stronger crystal, related "soft power" crystal cooperate trophy is supporting the construction of ascension.


Yiwu international trade city play do global foreign characteristic high-quality goods

Brazilian businessman Antonira off the plane, took one straight to the located in the middle of zhejiang province yiwu international trade city, practised came into the ornaments area. crystal gift clock And when you first 12 years ago now than yiwu done more fine jewelry, offer more favorable also.


According to the indoor lighting in LED application status and future

The further development of LED, the trend is very good, but to the existing problem of improvement. For instance in supermarkets and stores in lighting, be about to consider color rendering,crystal souvenirs meet the commodity lighting needs. LED indoor illumination also related to safety and sensitivity, it doesn't look like outdoor lighting, outdoor people in contact with the light in a relatively short time. In indoor lighting, people want to long and light contact. You could meet the people feel sex, we also need to make long test of time.


Lamps to build brand stores devoted the seven major strategy

High strength international port of lamps and all done "devoted brand the transition of formalities, retail stores mode has for lighting lighting industry will inject new vitality. crystal ashtray factory Innovation mode of exploration and try to also unceasingly in the refresh. In fact, "retail mode" is not new, but "direct marketing base" appear or drew the attention of many.


Lele tao mall new products on the market early spring sales promotion to surprise

Today, the mobile phone is like a PDA, become public social entertainment indispensable tools. Also because of this, all kinds of mobile digital accessories and all things and people's life was like peas and carrots.

Lele tao mobile phone accessories mall ( is Beijing search online information technology Co., LTD. Is its BSC of business-related website. Mall with the brand for business direct guidance, committed to the mobile phone accessories brand manufacturers develop online retail channels, expand brand in the network of the customers influence.



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