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China's annual packaging waste up to 400 billion luxury packaging corruption

    Packaging waste to throw away 400 billion yuan per year

    China has the world's lcrystal cooperate trophy uxury packaging the worst countries, lack of standards difficult to curb the "casket" light "beads" phenomenon


QIN Yu Donghai Crystal bracelet that can be sent to the Mid-Autumn gifts

     Crystal bracelet to wear law is a luxurious, high-frequency crystal radioactive crystal is that it can attract energy radiation, for some of the crystal horses magnetic field, such as the cause of the Phantom, in charge of money Ametrine and the backbone of health-related crystal, are of radioactive crystal, should be worn on the right. As for the absorption of the crystal is a low frequency, is to gather some energy to absorb, for example, love the pink with crystal crystal gift baby and obsidian are of such a non-stop, should be worn on the left.


3D TV market into the 2011 best-selling TV products

   Since 2010, along with the increasing number of 3D movies, 3D television market began to explode. According to the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce Consumer Electronic Product Investigation Office has published the "2011 first half of the urban consumer demand for flat-panel TVs Investigation Report" data: 3D TV in the first half than second half 2010 sales growth has reached five times this year,crystal building model consumer 3D television than-expected growth in the year expected to exceed 600 million units, color TV market in 2011 to become the best selling products.


Shiseido ZEN design interpretation of perfume

      Information easy to read, Welcome to the information afternoon tea time. When the clock struck three times, the gift handicraft industry for the afternoon tea and all the moments pause, every day at 3 pm, HC Gift Crafts Network meet you.

Lighting Enterprises sprint "Golden September and Silver October," season four initiatives welcome

    Lighting companies are finally subside,china crystal ball ushered in the year of the season, crystal ball company "Golden September and Silver October," the face of the most critical year in the best sprint time, companies actively preparing for work, to meet the season's off-season to bring a wash haze.


Good Fortune Feng Shui necessary to improve the feng shui stone

    In Feng Shui, Crystal has a "Feng Shui Stone", known as Crystal is a variety of natural elements from the earth's crust (minerals) deposits accumulate,LED crystal keychain then by the hundreds of millionscrystal ship model of years to form all kinds of grown up like the natural lens. Each crystal contain different energy frequencies and with different magnetic fields and functions. Crystal wide range of uses, there is focus on refraction, data storage, transfer information, such as energy conversion and energy to expandcrystal cooperate trophy the role of the use of natural crystal Allelopathy five elements theory, but also to improve the home's feng shui crystal state.

12 Cai feng shui wealth baby Want your home insurance

     1, tank
     "Lord you mountains, the water main wealth", the tank has a strong urge financial role. But things have two sides, the water is double-edged sword,crystal bottle stopper if used properly, not only can not bring wealth, but also damage the small financial loss. Therefore, please be sure to put the tank to measure the Master position.


Italy Pitti Men Show: Innovation is a constant theme

    58 years of history, the world's top men's event, which is the Pitti show two key words. There is a connection between you? The answer is yes.crystal square ashtray No one can deny the Pitti show the rich cultural connotation and deep historical heritage to establish the status of its top made ??a huge role. However, crystal hanging decoration it has a long history enough? The answer is "NO". Like many things, like history, its role is twofold, both to promote the side, but also inhibit new ideas,crystal hanging ornament new things have side. This time, crystal lotus candleholder innovation is very important.crystal candle stand Pitti exhibition seems to understand this, in addition to continuing to consolidate the existing achievements and infrastructure, but also innovation in the exhibition crystal plane model standards, participating brands,crystal building model display style, clothing with other aspects of innovation. Innovation, has become another one of the words Pitti show.

Know feng shui can not afford to take care of people injured or even bankruptcy for the fiscal changes

        Plants urge financial skills to talk about plants, accounted for in feng shui is a very important position, because it is easy crystal craft factory to buy, but also in line with the natural laws of feng shui. Plants in Feng Shui wide range of applications, there used to ward off evil, but also useful for traversing this route money. However, many people are scanty, that put the plant is necessarily good. In fact, the use of the method to put the plant by Wang's crystal animal supplier feng shui is very demanding.


A preventive measure: Leonardo da Vinci to the lighting industry event alarm

   "The Da Vinci furniture" caused by the integrity of the topic, it should be said not only to the relevant regulatory authorities a lesson in integrity classes, whether because of lack of business integrity, key in the hands of these sectors. But also to the entire furniture industry and even the lighting industry companies has sounded the alarm. This faith is the courage to consumers to spend money in a legitimate market,china crystal ball shop with confidence, bold consumer base, must not be lost. In short, the da Vinci fraud case of the furniture industry is a dangerous signal for the lighting industry crystal ball company is quite a warning. We can say that Leonardo da Vinci fraud case sounded the alarm to all sectors, all sectors of the related departments should attach importance to, crystal gifts manufacturer and production enterprises should also be a preventive measure.



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