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Lighting market will be difficult for European-style lights suddenly fell out of favor companies Ex?

   European lamp industry is not optimistic this year. Base, housing pressures and consumer habits change; base, rising costs and intense competition in the market. Turns out to be fried in diplomacy, especially off-season come early May, some brands charge even issued a "winter of speech."


European-style lights internal and external market today, "cold bursts"

    May this year, European-style light business executives generally feel "cold bursts." Shafei Nuo Huang Xiaodong, general manager, admits: "This year's second quarter sales decline by 10% to 15%, and increased costs, the profit is shrinking." Industry is not optimistic this year's European-style lights. Base, housing pressures and consumer habits change; crystal customized trophy base, rising costs and intensecrystal award cup competition in the market. Turns out to be fried in diplomacy, especially off-season come early May, some brands charge even issued a "winter of speech."


Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre, Performing Arts show ideal

    Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre, set of exhibitions, conferences, business, dining, entertainment and other functions into one, by the Shenzhen municipal government to construct, entrusted to the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center crystal gift baby Co., Ltd. Business in 2004 crystal gift clock officially put into use. Since its opening in 2004, has successfully held nearly 300 exhibitions, more than 1350 sessions, the audience received a total of $ 20 million. 2008 were held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre 75 exhibitions, screenings of more than 500 conferences, annual exhibition area of ??180 square meters, ranking third peers.

How to identify the strengths and weaknesses through the brand identity Crystal Light?

   Always elegant crystal lamps today are becoming more and more petite, crystal lamp Makeovers depends on advances in technology, with fiber optic and LED technology, crystal lamp body will become more mini, compact, and more style for the modern home decoration needs. crystal table clock Different brands of crystal light, crystal square ashtray its quality and price will vary greatly. Some well-known brand in order to ensure its quality, to avoid being confused with, in each crystal engraved with the brand logo on the finishes, as long as you can clearly identify the time of purchase carefully.


Casa Imperial "feeling realized texture of life" art Kam feast

       Every touch, are life's a journey. Material from the hundreds of millions, the excerpt most comfortable moving tactile experience; in thousands of kinds of tactile experience, the interception of style to create the essence of rich experience of lifecrystal ball company ... ... After a heart to touch home ownership, understanding the rich texture The style of life.


New high-end kitchen electric fuel the flames of war to global trends rewrite pattern Haier

   "Fewer people, more money, speed to!"

    In recent years, "profitable, a small number of brands," the power market to attract high-end kitchen Vantage, the United States,crystal cooperate trophy Germany, Italy, the EU sent a large number of companies actively involved in turn, impact by Haier, the boss, party too much and a few other companies set up brand pattern. "Chinese enterprises," Reporters also learned that this year, many companies are "ready" peep-end kitchen electric market.


LED industry in the development of the progressive realization of localization

   Actively promote low-carbon economy in the global context to the theme of energy saving LED industry by the market concerned. National policy support to the LED industry, paving the way for its development, as the technology matures, LED large-scale application value is gradually reflected. Future, LED backlighting and illumination in the field of application will be an important factor crystal horses driving industry growth. It is worth noting that there are already listed companies to enter the domestic raw materials and key equipment manufacturing field, which will be more conducive to the decline in the cost of the LED industry and capacity expansion, which is the crystal gift baby LED industry is truly an important measure of localization.


Qingdao was specifically made "jellyfish" excessive additives affect health

   Summer, cold food on the table has become an indispensable public taste. But recently the people reflect their own to buy salad in a taste crystal plane model not found in jellyfish, he may get a false claim to jellyfish. July 24, the reporter found, Qingdao, some companies specialize in teaching artificialcrystal building model jellyfish tutorial, 1 kg of raw material to make 33 pounds of jellyfish, the average cost of a yuan per kilogram. The amount of food additives, artificial jellyfish significantly exceed the national standards, affecting consumers' health.


A simple method of identifying crystal

    (1) Seeing: natural crystal ashtray factory crystal in the formation process, crystal wine stopper china often subject to environmental impact of the total contain some impurities, when viewed against the sun, you can see faint stripes or even small catkin-likecrystal wine stopper manufacturer substance. And false use more defective crystal crystal residue, broken glass melting, after polishing process, color copy is made, there is no uniform stripes, catkin-like substance.


Access to the Internet is the intelligent interpretation of the most popular TV Intelligence

   Usher in high-definition flat-panel TV, one machine, LED era, now began to enter the smart age.

 So what is the smart flat TVchina crystal ball times? Forums which have many fcrystal ball company riends asked: "Prior to thecrystal gifts manufacturer Internet TV do not mean that diamond supplier intelligence is a new view? The two are not always increase the net mouth to the TV, the Internet can get some information? Compared the concept of speculation it. "



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