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According to the indoor lighting in LED application status and future

The further development of LED, the trend is very good, but to the existing problem of improvement. For instance in supermarkets and stores in lighting, be about to consider color rendering,crystal souvenirs meet the commodity lighting needs. LED indoor illumination also related to safety and sensitivity, it doesn't look like outdoor lighting, outdoor people in contact with the light in a relatively short time. In indoor lighting, people want to long and light contact. You could meet the people feel sex, we also need to make long test of time.


Adverse headlong LED lighting business at home and abroad, "the winter planting" by life

LED short-term sector's downturn, but the LED industry will accelerate the development of long-term trend, the Philips LED and other foreign giants have adverse busy 'winter planting' to get the main future market opportunities. The third quarter of 2011, the boss 'on foot tide' spread to the LED industry in Shenzhen, mainly LED serious excess capacity, coupled with the deteriorating economic situation at home and abroad, so that prices have fallen sharply due to LED products. crystal craft factory Current industry concentration is low, restricting the technology behind the main obstacle to the further development of the industry. From the industrial chain, the upstream and midstream sectors more investment value, three optical, dry according to optical, electronic Eastern crystal, optical crystal and other companies will benefit crystal animal supplier significantly.


"Perfect" marriage boom gifts do not "mistakes"

     The annual "Golden September and Silver Ten", will focus on the wedding bursting, then consider what to send a wedding gift has become a compulsory subject. Some people in this course there are honors, like a gift to each other, or even a lifetime collection; some people are not passing score, a gift to please not discuss the other side, in vain spent the money. So, this is a test you will not spend money,crystal ship model knowledge does not know the key moment in life.

Zhang Jie Xiena September 26 feng shui happiness wedding wedding

     Will be held on September 26, Zhang Jie wedding was held yesterday the new album, "Fame," visit the set of recording activities, and to accept the reporter's interview. At the same time, Xie Na, also announced yesterday a friend Kyung Ho will serve as master of ceremonies for the wedding.crystal craft factory Zhang Jie visit the set of the recordings, and also his last public appearance before marriage. New album will be issued in October, asked whether this is ready for marriage song,crystal animal supplier said Zhang Jie, the wedding will be playing their own songs, and certainly "will make all the guests were very moved."


Home Tips: How to correctly clean modern lighting

    Shade in different shapes and materials, have different cleaning methods:

     1, crystal customized trophy shade cloth: you can start with a small vacuum cleaner to suck dust on the surface, then pour detergent or detergent furniture only some cloth, replace the cloth while grazing position. If the inside is a paper lampshade materials, direct use of detergents should be avoided to prevent damage.


STMicroelectronics' world's smallest "IC: clock chip crystal oscillator

  STMicroelectronics joint venture, STMicroelectronics (ST Microelectronics) listed a set of real-time clock chips and crystal oscillators in one of the "world's smallest" IC "M41T

Ceiling will be the future market competition in favor of soft power

     Integrated ceiling industry hard last year, is integrated ceiling ups and downs of the year, as the industry said, the foundation will be more powerful foot, not a solid foundation may be eliminated. Even in this watershed has become increasingly evident of the year for many companies still novelty ceiling integration plans changed to a massive expansion and changes in the industrial chain, expect a faster rate thancrystal lotus candleholder others with tight encirclement.


Shilihe Lighting City Lights Building upcoming projects

  This is Shilihe Lighting City long-awaited project, sub-category, the new format, grand scale, can not help but focus the attention. Shilihe Lighting City area will be the original home lighting, light MALL fine museum and the upcoming building project a perfect light, smooth connected together,crystal candle stand the Chinese lighting industry with innovative value Adds a masterpiece, the lighting stores, especially engineering lamp operation to a new level.


Maotai led the Mid-Autumn Festival gift market price Teti, Xinjiang Yili

   Maotai 53 degrees in Shanghai Scoop up a bottle of 1788 yuan, 1999 yuan in Guangzhou Scoop up now Xinjiang is also the most expensive sold for 1599 yuan. "Mid-Autumn Festival approaching, rumors even Maotai prices."

    August 8,china crystal ball Tianshan Department Store name cigarettes, said wine sales counter, almost a year before the Mid-Autumn Festival, Maotai, Wuliangye and other high-end wines will be price increases, which has become law over the years. "Customers are experienced in time for the old prices before the purchase."


Moon cake makeup appearance playing "inner beauty" packaging playing a low-carbon wind

  Piaoyuan not smell dumplings, moon cake's flavor and spread out. Mid-Autumn Festival less than a month away, newspapers, television, street lamp, bus body, the elevator wall ... ... the brand's moon cake moon cake ads tell us that war has already started.



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