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2012 lighting industry development characteristics "heavy practical about environmental protection"

In the process of daily that occupy the home, want to build a sweet household atmosphere, lighting is an indispensable parts. When the light cast on the ground, wall, the furniture, brought about by the magic of the effect is difficult to language describe. Constantly improving consumption aesthetic grade, continuously evolved domestic outfit design concept, it is to let lamp act the role ofing and furniture and life gradually as a whole. Now, the family is decorated in the lighting design trend more simple structure, fine workmanship, color and lively. In 2012, lamp act the role ofing also played the contracted stylish rider.


Small business to make big market a new phone beauty business trend

Cell phones, is individual character, vogue of mass consumer goods, its development updated speed changes with each new day, the flower thousands of yuan to buy mobile phone a few months after it no longer popular,crystal animal supplier...

In 2012, the second international jewellery and arts and crafts exhibition

Start time: 2012-05-24

End time: 2012-05-27

Venue: Beijing's haidian district XiSanQi China post research arena to remit office building

United is: LiuShangQing

The telephone number: 13521321976

Organizer: Beijing arena of international exhibition Co., LTD,china crystal gift and craft remit


Crystalline light water into the crystalline shade changsha city south lake lighting and burst into flames

December 17,, south lake changsha city B building lighting a facade of a fire in the sandwich, the lighting the chaos, for a few appearance was affected.

"Smoke to outside, take a burning smell,crystal gift baby fumes could hardly keep my eyes open, fortunately fire easy come, otherwise the whole building is burned off." At two o 'clock this afternoon, changsha city B building south lake lighting suddenly smoke, several shops are affected, but fire officers and soldiers had arrived in time to control the fire. crystal gift clock The most serious damage of the old light lighting store hundreds of thousands of losses, the clerk wry smile: crystal lights into the crystalline shade.


Cixi a villagers 10 years cost millions of collect stone

In cixi with the sea HuaMuCun town to have a common two floors of the building, upstairs and downstair filled up with size of strange stone, just like a family "natural museum". crystal hanging ornament Stone is the house master excitation long general the 10 years time, cost of more than 100 RMB from all over the country "move" come back. A common villagers are willing to spend so much money collection stone? crystal lotus candleholder With his wife's words, "he loved to stone have reached the point of crazy."


Stone protection new concept: the advantage of crystal glaze all analytical


Stone material is a kind of has a natural aesthetic feeling of the duplicated decorate adornment material, but because of the existence of stone material itself capillary way and aperture, crystal horses in mining, processing, transportation, installation and use process, in all kinds of pollutants, water and external force under the common function of, stone material will produce all sortscrystal gift baby of pathological changes and the wear, the serious influence of material of stone of decoration and use effect, and the traditional without the stone material of slippery processing in water that is smooth, the use of safety problems exist. A panel of marble stone vulnerable to stone material is also wear-resisting and weather resistance of the shortcomings of the poor, used for indoor ground decorates need regular crystal hard processing; Used for indoor metope in the aircrystal gift clock in the various dust, waste gas and water vapor under the action of such as easy to lose the light, polluted the common method of can not used after cleaning.


Exclusive privilege of a comprehensive interpretation of peach Ji limited edition VIP membership card

     "Within the custody, to get that beautiful" can be described as female white-collar workers in Beijing recently popular fashion beauty new "food yet!" Recently, Shandong Dong-E E-Jiao Co., Ltd. Grand start "pre-" sea election, peach Ji "discovered that the U.S. - find peach LADY" stationed in the capital one hundred high-profile activities office, is now 2929 Beijing white-collar beauties hot PARTICIPATING.


Micron and the Shanghai Auto Museum renew fine car care services

  September 20, 2011, has a long history of protecting the U.S. auto industry leader in fine brand Micron announced at the Shanghai Auto Museum, Micron will continue to Shanghai Auto Museum car show car essence of maintenance services to provide all products and technical guidance.

Stimulate innovation activities in the gift industry TOP

     China gift industry started late, but the rapid development, according to the "2010 China Gift Survey Report", in 2009 the national gift sales up 890 billion yuan, about 100,000 business-related gifts, annual production of all kinds of gifts more than 100,000 kinds. Including handicrafts, ceramics, jewelry, crystal glass, small appliances, digital products, kitchen appliances, home textiles, toys, watches,china crystal gift and craft and health care products and a few top ten categories.


Dealer how to become cold city lights of the "tumbler"?

  Total replacement of the product changes that affect the industry and even lead to broad industry reshuffle, since the era into the LED lighting industry is also quietly in the event of unprecedented change. Whether manufacturer or distributor of terminal sales, there are varying degrees of experience: the lighting industry to the cold. However, survival of the fittest does not apply to those decisions out of the natural law must adapt to industry changes in order to win the market. crystal horses So as a dealer, how to maintain a stable development in the lighting market and take place in it? Recently, I visited the major lighting stores in Guangzhou Fu Lin, Fu-Lin Lighting learned how to become a city of cold light of the "tumbler."



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