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The individual character of crystal ornaments the beautiful card of the most special photography!

The beautiful card crystal ornaments of new technology of personality caused great revolution image field, will be widely used in wedding studio, CaiKuoDian, photography studio, all walks of life such

American brand furniture design and obey the Chinese market demand

It is reported, capital market turmoil has affected the development of American furniture market, from Las Vegas furniture exhibition news shows, native American each big furniture brand new Numbers to drop quickly, the market order also sharp atrophy, and people in the industry say, some American furniture brand even big brands, are crisis of crossing.


Crystalline light industry is price gradually civilian eight big trends

Crystalline light into the domestic market has about two hundred and thirty years of history, especially the past dozen years, along with the rapid development of economy and people life level of ascent, the crystalline light more and more get the favour of people, crystalline light enterprise also have sprung up, market competition becomes increasingly intensified. The future of crystalline light industry trend will how? Reporter according to the market research results are comprehensive analysis, think crystalline light industry will show the eight big trend.


Crystal lamp price cat import more crystal as domestic

Recently, zhongshan hon w. trade Co.,crystal gifts manufacturer LTD, director of sales WanWei jie too busy, be a domestic large real estate group commissioned, the he and the real estate group engineering personnel, to the national many of the city's real estate group companies in the lobby of the five-star hotel to crystalline light and other luxury crystalline light sampling, testing, because the group suspected, according to contract suppliers to provide them with "Egypt import crystal" crystal lamp, the actual use of most is domestic crystal.


The first section pukou customized LED lighting palette listed

The fragrant air, perfume also adjusted. Each type of perfume has a different mode, and each type of perfume and divided into the most of this before, in the end, attune. Although developed in the 1990 s parallel mode, but most still follow the pyramid three-step fragrant air principle, natural, belonging to automobile accessories crystal building model industry car perfume product is no exception.


WangYanZhi: understand architectural meaning light quality pursuit

The net undertakes of light Aladdin lighting six FangGuoJi summit has successively space in Beijing, guangzhou, Shanghai and three for three consecutive years successfully held, on dec. 20,crystal gift decoration 2011, the fourth light space FangGuoJi summit has six move into the "land of the reputation of chengdu, guests from all over the world in one common building, decoration, and light to the environment of heat exchange on a warm words. Hong Kong grand view international design consulting Co., LTD. The chief representative,crystal car model CBDA design committee of China lighting association WangYanZhi CEES guests to Mr. The table topics, sharing this year they have just completed two public building project: 26 th world summer games and tianjin university students of the west concept of lighting design and practice.


Correct choose and buy ambry consumers still need to polish eyes

At present, for various kinds of domestic outfit industry and the division of fine, most in need of consumers felt more and more domestic outfit service overwhelming. Size furniture city,crystal craft company ambry distribution shops a than a decoration luxurious, a salesman than a passion, a high price than a. Simple and practical kitchen cabinet to use the "piano lacquer", "crystal craft factory ;BMW paint", "the original import" crystal animal supplier words, let ordinary working class hard to accept.


Samsung TV screen was the original false propaganda to deceive misdirect consumer

Face the domestic and foreign TV color TV, how would you choice? Perhaps homebred brand more cost-effective, also may have many people shouted at foreign brands imported screen better and likely to choose foreign color TV. But for penchant for ten thousand yuan above a lot of flaunt the original import panel foreign color TV,china crystal gift and craft how to prove that the original background, and actually let ordinary consumers don't identify and a lot of times, only believe manufacturer and salesman say. Recently a friend decorate new home,crystal table clock met such trouble, then call the author ask for help. And the author to store is surprising survey found that many foreign brand so-called original screen false propaganda serious, this among crystal square ashtray them with samsung to obvious.


Around LED interior lighting of the nine core competitive trends

  From years of lighting market, lighting competition focused on efficacy, modeling, process and application of new technologies, materials and other aspects of change,crystal pen set home lighting back lighting is no longer confined to just the extent, while lighting market, consumer demand is now more important is to look at the following aspects.


Shuangyang Lighting: to teach you how to choose lighting

  In order to house a bright, comfortable environment, many families have been busy with the decoration, home decoration. However, with modern lighting in the family play an increasingly important role in the selection of lighting should we pay attention to what?



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