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Crystal lamp price cat import more crystal as domestic

Recently, zhongshan hon w. trade Co., LTD, director of sales WanWei jie too busy, be a domestic large real estate group commissioned, the he and the real estate group engineering personnel, to the national many of the city's real estate group companies in the lobby of the five-star hotel to crystalline light and other luxury crystalline light sampling, testing, because the group suspected, according to contract suppliers to provide them with "Egypt import crystal"crystal ashtray factory...

2012 annual meeting of creative gifts PK through on the department of apple

Across New Year, YingChunJie, an office worker care about most in addition to the annual bonus, is the annual convention, in order to increase the feelings among employees and enterprise cohesion, every large company, enterprise or business the unit is the planning of the annual meeting of the respective spare no effort,crystal souvenirs and the performing arts company, clothing lease, gift company, dance training institutions also grasp opportunity to become annual meeting of the economic benefit.


Believe it or not the decrypted home five Cai Feng Shui

      In real life, many people often have errors in it, often think that the office can be a good feng shui, feng shui in the company invited several times to see the process discovered the errors. Many traders are often very particular about the company, but the household is messy, china crystal ball though a short time at home, but as fortune would affect the business, and the impact will not be less than the office feng shui.


Pregnant women of feng shui taboo your baby notes to healthy growth

There is the said: a few days ago, the author should a guest invited to his new purchase, the house. House of Lord wife just was pregnant, and to the author in feng shui layout consult on what needs attention, the feng shui layout can his wife to the health?


Observation: add cent for competition China's gift industry change across borders

According to not complete count, 2010, shenzhen craft gift enterprise over 3000 employees, has over 300000, annual output value 44.67 billion yuan, industry export $3.38 billion.crystal craft factory In domestic market, its metal process gifts, Christmas gift, household gift table, electronic arts and crafts, gifts and other products promotion of sales are occupies the national first place.


"Aohao donkey-hide gelatin" - Peach Ji close contact with the white-collar

   Swept through the capital's office a "pre-" beauty is in full swing, the donkey-hide gelatin peach Ji "discovered that the U.S. - find Peach Lady" since inception on September 5, sparking a great deal of white-collar workers in the capital enthusiasm. Activities three days there is nearly a thousand beautiful white-collar workers upload their photos, and published his "Declaration of beauty." crystal wine stopper china Tens of thousands of users participated in the voting microblogging, "pre-" seems to have become the hottest office proposed new vocabulary.


Pure Italian crystal to attain white elegant style

    - The world's first to obtain complete sets of IF-winning Casa Imperial appliances debut Green Fair

    July 7, 2011, crystal ship model Asia's most influential China International Consumer Electronics Show (SINOCES) opened in Qingdao. International high-end appliance brand Casarte Casa Imperial showcased the world's first to obtain a white crystal set of IF-winning home appliance products, with its unique Italian-style elegance of the world's ultimate consumers presents a visual feast, a the exhibition of the most eye-catching highlight of the creative.


Guanghui through shielded twisted pair cable recommended

   Guangzhou Guanghui Tong Cable Co., Ltd. is a professional production of "Guang-Hui Tong" brand of high-quality Internet lines, telephone lines, crystal head, crystal hanging ornament panel, wiring products, collection of scientific engineering, manufacturing, trade in one of the modern enterprise. The company has world advanced level extruder series, crystal lotus candleholder large cable equipment and crystal candle stand a full set of testing equipment,crystal plane model strict implementation of international quality certification system and standards, the production of products are widely used in industry, the products are exported to Europe, crystal building model America and Southeast Asia. Here's what you say is the company produced shielded twisted pair.


Qingdao was specifically made "jellyfish" excessive additives affect health

   Summer, cold food on the table has become an indispensable public taste. But recently the people reflect their own to buy salad in a taste crystal plane model not found in jellyfish, he may get a false claim to jellyfish. July 24, the reporter found, Qingdao, some companies specialize in teaching artificialcrystal building model jellyfish tutorial, 1 kg of raw material to make 33 pounds of jellyfish, the average cost of a yuan per kilogram. The amount of food additives, artificial jellyfish significantly exceed the national standards, affecting consumers' health.



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