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With modern art and archaize art in one of the metal frame

The metal frame, the appearance of pure handmade carved into, pure manual polishing. Product for the classic European style, it's body now detail processing methods, is the classic 'through history, there is a strong human culture breath! Collection of modern art and archaize art at an organic whole, very suitable for the sitting room,crystal building model...

The art of tai blue crystal painting 2012 small large investment returns

Art in Thai crystal painting relying on the success of the operation mode of the headquarters, make the art tai blue crystal painting stores can easily operation. Choose the children, students, in young people and enterprises and institutions are centered, passenger quite centralized area set up shop operation, low cost and power saving, the snow and resistance, long life. Thai blue crystal painting art in daily has a lot of customers, have more.


Brand agency become lighting lighting the mainstream of marketing way

Lighting industry at present main used four channel mode: brand agency model, retail mode, engineering model and the network marketing mode. The products category is different, in different stages of development, the enterprise the channel mode are also different.


Lamps to build brand stores devoted the seven major strategy

High strength international port of lamps and all done "devoted brand the transition of formalities, retail stores mode has for lighting lighting industry will inject new vitality. crystal ashtray factory Innovation mode of exploration and try to also unceasingly in the refresh. In fact, "retail mode" is not new, but "direct marketing base" appear or drew the attention of many.


Crystal Legends: Ruby - enjoy the passion

    Ruby the legend: the strict sense, ruby ??in people's minds, and not included in the scope of the crystal class, because it is very expensive, or a good ruby ??very expensive.crystal lotus candleholder Probably it is because of this, Ruby has not been given much legendary, because all along, the belong ruby ??are powerful things, but also the precious symbol, you can bring a ruby ??crystal candle stand symbol of your status and power, people tend to wear ruby to show off their abilities. In the Qing Dynasty, was a ranking government officials and rubies Prince Dingdai gem, we can see Ruby's position in people's minds.

Time names of commodity wine: moving fluid

Humans have a long wine, drinking culture. China as the world with five thousand years of carrying the culture of four bigancient nations, wine culture as a part of the Chinese culture has a long history. And the official with its unique for an wine and noble identity, in wine culture plays a unique role. Purple light crystal gift baby liquid ( with its high image, a high price, high quality of the special consultation for positioning, become an official of the excellent wine culture inheritance.


The Mid-Autumn festival buying machine more of preferential which cut prices refrigerator?

Traditional Christmas has been the major businesses of the important time, see PK Mid-Autumn festival will come, the stores to reviving the frenzy promotion. As China's annual traditional folk festival, we are waiting for "partings" beautiful moment of family reunion, harvest happiness joy and, crystal cooperate trophy at the same time, don't forget to warm the small change in time home appliance oh. The Mid-Autumn festival is also a good time to shopping, you might as well take this chance to the coveted already a long time of refrigerator laid a hand on him, will get a lot of benefits. Below is a bold prediction, small make up a few of the larger cut prices to open the refrigerator, hope to provide you Suggestions.


2011 China art glass industry development trend

In recent years, the domestic art glass industry is developing rapidly, art glass from the original enterprise coastal open city to inland city blossom everywhere, represents a city such as guangzhou, shenzhen, Shanghai, and hangzhou. Art glass industry development scale as the snowball rolling roll, the greatercrystal square ashtray the art glass enterprise have mushroomed. Every year as Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou and other related glass industry all over the exhibition held for the art glass industry wide range promotion spread constantly send force, art glass industry growing influence.


TCL released television pilot super intelligent cloud cloud wonderful life

  : "Good morning, TV will automatically prompt us with a sweet melody up; just a gesture, television will begin to read our most like to hear the news; Pro out, just ask crystal candle stand 'how the weather like?' TV will be prompted with umbrella, or more pieces of clothing; occasional business trip, readily or video, you can immediately back to the home on television, and synchronize with their families to share the wonderful journey ... "


Know feng shui can not afford to take care of people injured or even bankruptcy for the fiscal changes

        Plants urge financial skills to talk about plants, accounted for in feng shui is a very important position, because it is easy crystal craft factory to buy, but also in line with the natural laws of feng shui. Plants in Feng Shui wide range of applications, there used to ward off evil, but also useful for traversing this route money. However, many people are scanty, that put the plant is necessarily good. In fact, the use of the method to put the plant by Wang's crystal animal supplier feng shui is very demanding.



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