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2012 lighting industry development characteristics "heavy practical about environmental protection"

In the process of daily that occupy the home, want to build a sweet household atmosphere, lighting is an indispensable parts. When the light cast on the ground, wall, the furniture, brought about by the magic of the effect is difficult to language describe. Constantly improving consumption aesthetic grade, continuously evolved domestic outfit design concept, it is to let lamp act the role ofing and furniture and life gradually as a whole. Now, the family is decorated in the lighting design trend more simple structure, fine workmanship, color and lively. In 2012, lamp act the role ofing also played the contracted stylish rider.


Crystal photoelectric intends to turn 10 sent 10 5 yuan 25 equity registers

Zhejiang crystal photoelectric technology Co., LTD (hereinafter referred to as "the company") has announced the 2011 annual rights dispatch scheme has been held on April 10, 2011 and adopted by the annual shareholders meeting, now the rights issues announcement assigned as follows: the company 2011 annual rights for dispatch scheme:crystal ashtray factory...

Ceramic products popular new trend sheet as an industry rookie

According to expert introduction, sheet is the new industry, the market development mainly by the project is given priority to, is used mostly composed of color, are now beginning to focus on domestic outfit, hotel decoration market. Although ceramic tile wallpaper compared with do not fade, durable and other characteristics, but because it is thick,crystal animal supplier...

Crystal willing to collect wine into the countdown stage listed

Recently, with the Shanghai international wine trading center LiWenFeng President led a team of senior experts do sichuan wine examination trip over, China new high-end liquor benchmarking-the crystals be willing to part with or use in many famous wine to the fore, China is expected to become the second paragraph in Shanghai international wine trading center the listing for trading of the investment collection products, time to market into the countdown stage.


Count in 2011 between the stars and jewels "that points thing."

The stars will always be a new dynamic poster Girl One of the topics are most concerned about, their every shape, every appearance will cause fans of the great debate, beautiful jewelry and gleaming against the background stars, is leaving many to We memorable moments. Come to an end in 2011, posters, web series compiled to count with your jewelry this year between the stars and the "thing that point" - this is not the shape of the inventory of jewelry on the red carpet Oh,china crystal ball who did the designer? Who became a spokesperson?crystal ball company Who accidentally got him a little trouble? Who with the "funeral" to promote their new works? Immediately to look at it!


Star supporting her star hotel manufacturing unreal colour Christmas Eve

Distance Christmas Eve more and more close, the ancient city of each star hotel Christmas dinner sales war has also lively "open". In order to rob Christmas feast the big cake,crystal candle stand each star hotel all went the whole nine yards, and invited more and more big star to supporting her.


Shoes enterprise aokang again hand in hand "the sincere not faze performs in Shanghai

December 9,-recently, should be the single people need, in "god stick festival" threads of not retreat, shoes enterprise aokang hand in hand "TV joking" crystal perfume bottle supplier MengFei arrived in Shanghai zhengda square, a live version "the sincere not faze" mutually close activities. As long as you hand in hand with success, aokang will also send you crystal craft company the right girl for a pair of MengFei personal participation by the design of "Cinderella" crystal shoe as a dowry.


Lycra socks 2012 release trends and innovative products

   September 5, INVISTA's LYCRA ? (Lycra ?) fiber brand held Invista "INSHOW" cum hosiery trends 2012 conference, and launched a series of innovative products crystal car model and forward-looking solutions. Theme around the "socks. Charm," the conference, from the classical lines and bold eye-catching color combinations debut, the interpretation of different styles and avant-garde style legs, opens the 2011-2012 fall and winter socks fashion Password .


The Mid-Autumn festival cloud life incoming TCL cloud. Thirty years from Z11 collection giant offered

The Mid-Autumn festival eve, mysterious cloud TV finally remove veils, began to "fly into the average homes"!!!!! The global TV mogul TCL announced today that this date TCL super intelligent cloud TV, took the lead in the new area of China in full swing open to booking. This indicates thatcrystal hanging ornament China's first family in 2011 the Mid-Autumn festival cloud will formally birth. The open to booking information once released, and attracted large buyers of consultation order.


Samsung autumn product strategy to upgrade technology ChengLiang points. Active shutter

Along with the market competition of the diversification of major manufacturers last-minute hit in succession. Recently, samsung electronics invited many media, visit samsung tianjin research and development center, and convened the theme of "all GaoQingZhen 3 D-samsung electronics media Open Day" of the press conference. At the same time, and release many laptop. All kinds of policies indicates the samsung autumn market set in full swing total attacking.



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