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2012 lighting industry development characteristics "heavy practical about environmental protection"

In the process of daily that occupy the home, want to build a sweet household atmosphere, lighting is an indispensable parts. When the light cast on the ground, wall, the furniture, brought about by the magic of the effect is difficult to language describe. Constantly improving consumption aesthetic grade, continuously evolved domestic outfit design concept, it is to let lamp act the role ofing and furniture and life gradually as a whole. Now, the family is decorated in the lighting design trend more simple structure, fine workmanship, color and lively. In 2012, lamp act the role ofing also played the contracted stylish rider.


Marriage room decorate condole top flowery less as far as possible can do is province province

Inside the wall wall into bits

In order to live for a long time of safety, the hidden inside the wall pipe wire should as far as possible buy good quality brand, because the water pipes in closed once out after wire, maintenance is quite a "headache", but will also be joint damage to the corresponding metope or ground even more. Relative, the wall adornment such as hang picture, clock, wall lamp and don't need to think too much about safety problems, and more likely to change in the future, so can buy cheap.


The royal chef crystal food: food market chaoyang enterprise

Recently on catering market crystal crystal hot pot roast meat and vigorous, because the tableware of crystal fires to food more environmental protection and more health, more delicious, its market foreground is hot. And the royal chef crystal but with professional "machines", and unique business philosophy as recent restaurant industry in the market.


The Titanic derivative collection in the heart of the sea ChengXinChong sales hot

"The Titanic sank 100 mythical man-month-essays" available! Many businessmen borrow "Titanic" return to the wave of a screen, developed a series of blockbuster film derivatives, crystal souvenirs...

On the two-sheep Lighting: Lighting and furniture trend of the overall package

  More and more furniture and lighting designer for the overall package design has shown great interest. The combined effect of many heavy elements to make the shape of modern furniture splendor.china crystal ball With the accelerated pace of life, increasing the pressure of work, rest home as a modern, living place, but was concerned about the people and attention. Thoughts and feelings as to show the master bedroom, cultural level, aesthetic taste of personal space. Home lighting is no longer as simple lighting, but as to enjoy the quality of life needs. crystal ball company Shuangyang lighting design company has been committed to independent innovation, to create a world-class lighting brand!


Red Dragonfly Fashion Group held "win dragonfly 16 years' conference

  October 9, 2011, China Wenzhou. Today (October 9), Red Dragonfly Fashion Group, held in Wenzhou, China "dragonfly win in 16 years," Fashion Festival, and "MEMORYOFVENICE" 2012 spring trends conference. At the same time, Red Dragonfly Culture Fashion Tour & China Shoe Culture Museum, Science Museum and the brand museum grand opening. International superstar Vitas (Vitas) as a mystery guest appearance in the conference after the china crystal ball concert for the guests interpretation of a musical feast.


Alternative hand-painted wedding sought after romantic Taiyuan

   Wedding entertainment also

    September 12 morning,china crystal ball the reporter Liu Xiang, Taiyuan City, a large mall in the corner to see the third floor, wall, counter are filled with a variety of hand-painted wedding photos. There are wedding photo invitations, table cards, picture frames, crystal swing sets, paintings, couple cups of different styles of product styles. Actor such as exaggerated cartoon pictures, funny way of drawing finished, very comic effect. Man's head long "horns", the woman who long "wings" in the painter's creative, the wedding has apparently broken the traditional concepts and impressions of crystal ball company people in the compulsory exercise. Some wedding also offers a "'s show" features, the time span to the 1950s and 1960s.


People love the "golden week for civilian machine" physical inventory

Time flies time flies, see will to 11 golden weeks, to prepare for home appliances renewal of old friends for 11 is absolutely a purchasing the good opportunity, because in the golden week except for a product of the discount promotion activities outside, some buy give activities, the drawing and activities will also have, then the author in today for the vast number of consumers to introduce recent what TV worth users about.


Fashionable household savour the patron saint and lamp ACTS the role of good date

The roof let transparent crystal droplight, huge painting, vertical modern sculpture was fully show the beauty of the effect of the black crystal shape, anise table let repast or friends become individual character is dye-in-the-wood, black leather and black lacquer wood chair with white marble of weaving groundcrystal craft factory contrast in infinite and comfortable, under the premise of good quality of shows.



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