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High market prices low discount lamps iffy rigged

Recently, the reporter in visit each big lamps of stores, found a very strange phenomenon of "thousands of yuan can use hundreds of yuan to buy, with the brand with style in different store prices also have very big difference", all kinds of material, modelling, function the illumination luminaries of the full of beautiful things in eyes, found out from them the exact time the HuaTou under a have a hangover, when the choose and buy it is gradually spend fascinated the human eye.


Home textile gift development present situation and developing trend forecast analysis

China's home textile market space is enormous. According to authoritative forecast, in the next 10 years, home textile market the growth rate of the year will not be less than 20%, that is to 2010, China's home textile products consumption will reach nearly 1.5 trillion yuan. Such a big market, the gift for home textile industry of sustainable development to create the unlimited business opportunities. Business is the opportunity, but also a challenge. Only accurately grasp the opportunities, and the opportunity to insight into business opportunities into wealth. So, home textile gift development present situation and future development trend?


Have crystal jade lighting transparence service honourable life

"Crystal jade" lighting brand in 2006 won the national registered trademark, crystal jade is YeSongFen lady to adapt to the brand, the founder of the domestic and international lighting lamps and market demand, and consumers for the launch of the combines traditional and modern, classics and fashionable crystal droplight, dome light, large project light, low voltage modern lamp etc series products.


Lighting industry jerry plating quality far

Quality problem has been lighting industry is notoriously difficult, related quality supervision department last year the product sampling observation results show that the lighting industry quality qualified rate not satisfactory, some local energy-saving lamps the qualified rate of less than 20% even. This year the lamps and lanterns of recent selective examination results also bad product, more than sixty percent of the unqualified suggested to jiangxi, hunan qualitative inspect branch quality check lamps more than fifty percent not qualified. We are in online and newspapers see so-and-so place so-and-so is falling from the ceiling or crystalline light lanterns head blunt force trauma, the businessman had to compensation for the loss of the news.crystal perfume bottle supplier...

Pure meaning type elegant casablanca emperor deduce to reaches life style

--the world's first get IF awards card, whole set home appliance appearance green expo emperor

Report from our correspondent on July 7, 2011, crystal craft company Asia's most influential China international consumer electronics fair (SINOCES) in Qingdao, begin. International high-end home appliance brand Casarte casablanca emperor on the world's first get IF the white crystal series awards home appliance product and cloud PAD TV products, with its unique meaning type grace for the global consumers presented a elegant extreme visual regale,crystal craft factory become the most brilliant start art exhibition products.


Lighting decoration guidelines: lamps and lanterns of choose and buy choose to absorb dome light

As standard of living rise, people life quality also put forward higher request, and decorate individual character, vogue, but also improve the taste, the household live in class top priority. In furniture, household appliances, home act the role ofing, tide, fashionable element to attack, lamp act the role ofing arises at the historic moment, household decorates in the pen that nods eyeball.


The 6th Chinese small home appliance trade fair opened on August 19 will be

    The 6th Chinese small home appliance Fair tomorrow (August 19) in Huang Pu International Convention Center, the reporter learned from the organizers, crystal craft factory this year added an outdoor pavilion, a total of five museum, an area of 30,000 square meters now nearly 600 exhibitors.


Pure Italian crystal to attain white elegant style

    - The world's first to obtain complete sets of IF-winning Casa Imperial appliances debut Green Fair

    July 7, 2011,crystal horses Asia's most influential China International Consumer Electronics Show (SINOCES) opened in Qingdao. International high-end appliance brand Casarte Casa Imperial showcased the world's first to obtain a white crystal set of IF-winning home appliance products, with its crystal gift baby unique Italian-style elegance of the world's ultimate consumers presents a visual feast, a the exhibition of the most eye-catching highlight of the creative.


Lighting market will be difficult for European-style lights suddenly fell out of favor companies Ex?

   European lamp industry is not optimistic this year. Base, housing pressures and consumer habits change; base, rising costs and intense competition in the market. Turns out to be fried in diplomacy, especially off-season come early May, some brands charge even issued a "winter of speech."



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