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Crystal fang CengYong: millions of wealth JiaoBan innovation even factory

Business introduction: innovation workshop dense debut, kai-fu lee hatch 100 entrepreneurs, for the success of innovative enterprise into genes; Hunan crystal lane CengYong pioneering group, a group of small hatch in the enterprise, decided to help ten thousand people venture, claiming that copy innovation factory.


The Vatican Karen crystal jade household "fashion" invulnerable

The high speed development of building materials industry, constantly breakthroughs, it is environmental protection product emerge in endlessly, new building materials noise of Shouting continuously, including energy conservation and environmental protection new building materials products highest calls. Let each household building materials enterprise see the future of the marketing direction, and for its brought infinite market business opportunities, industry experts point out that energy conservation and environmental protection new building materials will be the focus of building materials industry marketing in 2012, Shanghai building materials science and technology limited company and blessed the development of crystal jade household Vatican Karen open energy conservation and environmental protection new building materials of its kind, a response to "low carbon"crystal ball company...

"Seven" generalization of home textile market newest gift status quo

1, home textile gifts as a new force
The home textile product industry in gift, handicraft, electronic products, than crystal gifts, gift bags to much later, but the home textile product after the gifts, but soon become the hottest new bestow favor on, just a few short years time, home textile gift sales have to ascend to the gift company 20% of sales amount to 30%, and have steadily rising trend. Home textile gifts from the original single products-silk by expanding for a variety of raw materials, many kinds of style dozens of varieties. Especially the innovative home textile gifts, already far walk in the front of the big market home textile.


" electricity" save electricity: technology innovation is the key

The development of the nature always show from a lower to the high level, development by the universal law of weak became strong, lighting industry is even more so. Since the October 1879 22, the great inventor Thomas Edison lit the first one really has extensive human practical value since the lights, through the exploration of later generations, and the constant technology innovation, from the initial development of incandescent lamp to energy-saving lamps, again to the current higher content of science and technology of semiconductor lighting, the energy consumption to energy conservation, flood to consummate change, shows that man for as long, never stop.


The LED illumination enterprise should guard "ious" pull a fund chain

The national bureau of statistics, according to figures released in May this year, China's consumer price index (CPI) reaches as high as 5.5%, the central bank decided to from June 20, raise deposit reserve rate up 0.5%, and this is the sixth time this year to raise deposit reserve rate. The central bank's monetary policy in effective liquidity back at the same time, increase the small and medium-sized enterprises to acquire the difficulty of bank loans. Credit-tightening let many enterprises face the dilemma of funds, and for most lighting lighting enterprise, it must be more vigilant industry popular years of "ious", once the capital chain is its "break", consequence will be unimaginable.


2011 League third Yan upcoming creative and cultural festival

Enjoy the full quality of life Tasting

    --2,011 League third Yan upcoming creative and cultural festival

    By the Publicity Department of Shenzhen Baoan District, Shenzhen City, Baoan District Cultural Industry Development Office, Xixiang Street, Bao'an District, china crystal ball Shenzhen Office jointly organized by the cultural industry park geese Union Hotel hosted the "2011 Festival of the third goose creative alliance" will be December 17 grand to start.


3M China automotive paint a comprehensive inventory of beauty products

   Why paint beauty needs to be done:

A new car, paint more delicate, easily scratched,china crystal ball paint is easy to aging, loss of light, a new car to avoid or reduce the above beauty phenomenon, and extend the life of paint


Moon cake cool group net benefit intimate buy special Mid-Autumn Festival to create an alternative

   Autumn September, China Moon. As a traditional Chinese holiday Mid-Autumn Festival celebration to send moon cake festival has become one of the most important way, crystal perfume bottle supplier whether it is sent to the elders, leaders, relatives or friends, are brought full of blessings and care. In order to meet the needs of consumers, in 2011 the Mid-Autumn Festival approaching, cool special groups network launched the "Mid-Autumn Festival, moon cake celebration 'together'" special promotions.


Crystal lamp market industry faces four major upset profit dips

   Crystal Light brand too much now, increasingly competitive market, in order to seize market share, businesses have to lower prices to grab customers, so that the operating profit decline. Profit margins, and if vendors do not happy, even more difficult to do.crystal hanging decoration Crystal Light is known as "Light of the King," the name, as in recent years, continues to introduce a variety of decorative lamps, especially in low light, the sudden emergence of simple style lantern, crystal lamps gradually less popular, and some brands even fade out of sight.



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