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Implanted in the cultural and emotional elements of your red envelope OUT. New Year's Day, the Spring Festival approaching, buy red envelopes to send some money, do you think the market to sell red envelopes are stereotyped? Does not want to want to give away some of the red envelope has your creativity and ideas? Today someone crystal products to start a business of personalized envelopes.
    Red envelope to send more times, to crystal box send more to send less become established practice, a lot china crystal of people moving from the brains of the "face" of the red envelope, red envelope "stand out" how to make your own to send? In particular, respect for individuality, "80", bribe novel and unique, to better reflect the thoughts and ideas of the giver. Bribe, in fact, most of the true meaning of is not the amount of money in the red envelope, but a token of appreciation, a blessing, if you have time, you may wish to use a small creative will enlarge a little blessing brings happiness it.
Fire! 5 days to sell more than 4,000 units
    I see on Taobao, there is a business dedicated to selling such envelopes, and a unified national price of 58 yuan / sets. Selling pretty good, sold more than 4,000 sets of 5 days. Exchanges that the author and the boss, this red envelope is a like coin collections whim, designed by. He passed through 2 "closed currency" a "fate and love" affair. Most of the initial purchase coin collections profession because they know that the appreciation of the space of the coins in the collectibles market, the 90 version 2 dollar notes, and 91 coins rally gratifying highest when two yuan currency purchase price up to 38 million, up to 7.8 cents. Today, although the fall, but still much higher than the nominal value.
    Today, more and more ordinary citizens also 5 sets, 10 sets to buy and go home. The boss said: "a lot of people acceptance of sending 'fate and love' red envelope binding beauty themes good, highlighting the mutual love between people, plus the collectible value of the red envelope itself, people have become far more curious and cherish traditional red envelopes kind of 'money into the bag, the red envelope abandoned into the Trash' disposable fade out pattern, will be the replacement new red envelopes carrier as a gift, the call of the memory in the long course of time, is better than gold or silver countless. '
    New District, a business CEOs breath booking 1000 sets of red envelopes. "I had received a red envelope, is a gift from a friend, was liked, has been stored." She said, a month over the Spring Festival this year, ready to put those shop workers year-end awards the red envelope, so that we all cherish our cooperation fate. "A crystal box can put up to 100 Bai Yuanchao, I can put in the box to determine how many workers based on their performance."
    The small Xuanxuan the eyes of the best birthday gift
    Xuanxuan 6-year-old birthday, my aunt gave him a chic red envelope. The general red envelope is a red paper envelopes, but actually Xuanxuan received red envelopes filled with a delicate crystal box, which is a brand new 1990 dollar note and a bright 1991 coins.
2 dollar notes or coins or rarely seen on the market. Xuanxuan is the first time to see, feel very strange, like as a baby would not let my hands: "aunt sent me a birthday gift best." The next day, Xuanxuan with red envelopes go to kindergarten children Xianbao: "Have you ever seen this? This is the money is used, antique, very valuable. the children looked rong" Baby "very envious.
    Xuanxuan aunt told the author, until thinking about the little nephew birthday gifts good. Inadvertently on the Internet to see that there are so a red envelope, I feel very chic, they bought one gave little nephew. "This red envelope from a red paper bag, a crystal box, a fate care card, a penny and a 2 yuan banknotes. The Xuanxuan aunt said, before her selected this red envelopes, mainly to see the the the fate card write about the introduction of these two coins felt moral good. Dollars and cents, a homonym for "fate", Chinese customs in pairs homonyms in "love", version 90 and $ 91 version 2 points, are issued by the central bank in circulation last a closed currency, known as the "Caring for the currency," said. Not see this 2 points and 2 the aunt Xuanxuan think that by sending a set of red envelopes, allows the child to an increase of some coin insight. And general circulation coins have considerable room for appreciation at home maybe someday you really into "Baby".
Implantation of cultural and emotional elements of more value to the collection
    "Both investment coins, collectibles, gifts three attributes." Engaged in a coin collection for many years Mr. Yin said, the 2005 coin collection attributes are excited, with registered demand achievements brilliant, beginning in 2008, investment demand promote this 90 version 2 shot up to 38 yuan a. However, collection and investment limitations that popularity. Good popularity triumph, the sentiment, plunged. The third attribute of the coin --- the gift property, for a long time has not yet been effectively stimulate the consumption of the 4th edition gift books, and still can not fight the market slump. Non-essentials, you can buy them, because this type of gift, not a rigid demand. Once the gift coins form a rigid demand, that market space will be immeasurable. To promote small denomination gift coins as a red envelope, inadvertently creating a vast need to just need the market, because most people have to bribe, holidays, festive congratulations, this is a fairly large market. More, and the traditional "disposable" red envelope biggest difference is that collectable envelopes implanted in the cultural and emotional elements, and more value to the collection, and will make the recipient permanent collection. Business Daily writer / Lotte
    Creative play the added value of the red envelope
    To a certain age, the annual New Year just never received red envelopes left out of the red envelope. Envelopes sent out after all be happy to create a little joy and happiness, can give their own children or the elderly received a red envelope. So, red envelopes filled more than money, is the blessing and sharing.
In order to better play to the added value of the red envelope, it is necessary to carefully selected "on the" red envelope, this is probably personalized envelopes can win popularity reasons. Designed to give children into a "commendation" red envelope or gross body writing "a good study, day day up" red envelope, you can encourage them to continue their efforts; give them a Baishou map or printed set of tai chi red envelopes, wishing them health and longevity; Bo laugh, "Cidiwuyin", "brother installed, not money, is lonely!" ...... loved, red envelopes full of Chinese characteristics, just add a little creativity, you can the middle People wants. If someone personalized envelopes too sold on the market is not enough creativity, you can also download red envelope template creation. Author in Internet search, many shop online sale of creative envelopes, priced at a few angles to more than ten million dollars. More to the cartoon images of the red envelope. Taobao, the author found a shop to sell electronic envelopes. This red envelopes need users send files through QQ, Want or E-mail after payment receipt of the users, the paper printed out, in accordance with the requirements of the operation, DIY into a red envelope finished, also play a creative graffiti area. Simple word, only think, not impossible.
    It is understood that the main consumer of the personality of a red envelope more for the 80 young people, in their view, the ordinary red envelopes too stereotyped, lack of new ideas, received several envelopes at the same time easy to confuse which who to. Emphasis on the personality of young people, want to give their friends special point, the personalized envelopes both face similar greetings to the more direct than eloquent writing on the envelopes on humor.

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