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The home Crystal Love: Crystal products purchase Cheats conservation knowledge

 Most people easily buy Crystal Crystal glass with general confusion, So how to distinguish between the crystal and ordinary glass? Here's a recipe tips:
Listen: bombs hit with the middle finger, the voice of the crystal products ordinary glassware boring "popping" sound, crystal ware brittle voice, "Dangdang" sound with a metallic sound, the higher the hardness of the crystal, the sound louder.
Luster: sunlight compared quality crystal reflects colorful light bright colors, and the transition is very natural light and rich colors of the glass refractive often incomplete and more bleak. Its transparency in comparison to natural light, high quality crystal transparency, crystal white, ordinary glass china crystal or impure crystal yellow or mixed with cyan.
Pattern: For the same crystal box fineness crystal pattern the higher the degree of handcrafted patterns forming in a small area on the more detailed and complicated, the higher the value. Stroking, hand tread surfaces are difficult to handle the harshness, and the mechanism of the tread surface is smooth.
4: crystal hardness is much higher than ordinary glass, long-term use also tend not to change the dirt, while the glass used repeatedly for a long time, it is very easy to scratches and surface becomes dirty. Distinguish clearly, you have to do is double-check the article as a whole is in good condition, whether the appearance of defects defects, the surface is smooth and detailed.
Crystal conservation is extremely simple, and washed with water after use in a timely manner, or with a wet cloth erase surface dust on the line; topsoil on those tiny crystal jewelry, you only need to sway without decontamination wipe to prevent crystal surface fluff. In addition, due to the larger crystal hardness, toughness smaller, suffered a heavy crash easily damaged, and therefore usually used to try to avoid the bump. You should also be taken to avoid alkaline, acidic and alcoholic detergent to prevent corrosion, such as ashtrays and other utensils should try to reduce the heating time to prevent oxidation damage.

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