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Ancient Liuli the gift collection infancy in the ascendant

While contemporary glass art began to flourish, ancient glass collection is constantly evolving. China the colored glaze Network founder and animal husbandry is a circle of well-known appreciation of glass collectors, the For the ancient domestic the colored crystal products glaze Favorites situation, he concluded: just starting out in the ascendant.
    The Makinohara explained that the reason that just started, because compared to jade, precious metals and other categories, the ancient colored glaze or a relatively small minority of the collection area. Rare special ancient colored glaze special liquid markets, often with other antique miscellaneous china crystal shoot; domestic collectors specializing in the study of the ancient colored glaze and identification division is not much. Instead, Japan, the United States, and China Taiwan and other places, more in-depth study crystal box of the ancient Chinese colored glaze and system, published a number of monographs and articles or. Ascendant art and market value has not been fully excavated, and broad development prospects.
    The ancient colored glaze there have been two major peak of
    Animal husbandry, I have engaged in the ancient colored glaze collection time is not long. 2005 years ago, he build Chinese glass, to consider is contemporary colored glaze. Collectors gradually until the lines on the site, after consulting the the ancient colored glaze collection status, animal husbandry, began a systematic study and collection of ancient colored glaze. Is a painting professional background, with a comprehensive understanding of the ancient arts and crafts, animal husbandry, and the circle soon became the expert-level figures.
    Animal husbandry, said, engaged in the collection of ancient colored glaze, we must first clarify the different definitions of the past and present of colored glaze. Today said glass the artificial high lead crystal glass; while in ancient China, was initially called without glass, and glass is glass refers. Until the Song Dynasty, only the called "glassy Li". Ming and Qing, in order to distinguish with glazed tiles (lead glazed ceramics), glass was gradually replaced Liuli become the generic term of a class of objects, so Beijing have Liulichang, glassworks distinction.
    The original glass tube beads have a long history in the Western Zhou Dynasty relics unearthed in China colored glaze. To the Warring States Period to Han Dynasty craftsmen to control the furnace temperature stabilized, glass quality is guaranteed. In the plastic arts, adhering to the social climate at the time, this period of glass production rigorous, dignified and generous. Animal husbandry, both from a technical and artistic point of view, this is the first Chinese glass peak.
Unfortunately, because of glass in China is not an integral part of daily necessities, the tradition of glass manufacturing process gradually lost in the long history. Until the Qing Dynasty, the Western-blown court glassware manufacturing process, the formation of the second peak of the ancient Chinese colored glaze. Popular collector's favorite palace features a strong, glass products of this period. Save a large amount of combined a colored glaze auction main categories.
    Prices have soared still be underestimated
    Stir-fried with antique art market in recent years, relatively unpopular glass prices have also skyrocketed. Animal husbandry, said, before and after 2004, in folk received a Warring States dragonfly eye glass beads only need a few thousand dollars, a good friend, but also ten thousand yuan; dragonfly eye prices have risen to the hundreds of thousands, or even millions yuan. Two years ago, Christie's, Hong Kong has had Liuli special auction sale prices generally three to five times higher than the estimated price, prove the Liuli the collectible value is gradually recognized by collectors.
    But on the other hand, generally considered the colored glaze collection undervalued. Glass is the first of China's five major Buddhist Qibao one, but compared to the other categories of antiques, the price level or of colored glaze artifacts still backward. Christie's Hong Kong collection of Chinese art expert Paula Ante than that, "the price of this type of collection, part of the reason is that collectors have not really their attention to this work of art up. Auction of Chinese classical glazed exhibits few and far between, so it's fame is slightly inferior. "
    Animal husbandry, the Western countries as the colored glaze (glass) products daily utensils, skills-oriented; China, mainly as a gift, a plaything, more attention to fine Sinocalanus.
From this perspective, the ancient Chinese colored glaze itself has a richer cultural connotation. However, an anomaly, Western ancient glass products sold in China than the original country is more expensive, Roman, Indian glass beads in the Chinese domestic prices doubled up. As a reference, the ancient Chinese colored glaze should have a greater appreciation of space.
    Appreciation of ancient glass need to have a comprehensive knowledge
    On the collection of ancient colored glaze, one of Newworkshop founder Chang has repeatedly mentioned in the pioneering stage of the eighties and nineties, have spent a lot of financial, energy collection of ancient Chinese colored glaze. Antiques market, much like now so formal, often a piece of paper faxes over, tell them there are a number of ancient glass to hand, inform the price and the trading deadline just ask them ", or do not, do not sell them to foreigners, even do not have a clear picture. The Newworkshop only to tighten their belts, bought the glazed never met. However, because of the long-lost ancient colored glaze made law, when these "gadgets" person of interest, not many, and very few people have encountered fakes. And to this day, driven by interests, ancient colored glaze and other antiques, flooded with fakes. The the ancient colored glaze go see antique market, 90%, even 99% or more are false. "Animal husbandry told reporters.
    How to identify the ancient colored glaze, animal husbandry, and the recommendations to collectors "Chronicles": more than going to the museum to see the real thing, more reading to understand the relevant knowledge, more exchanges between collectors. And ivory, jade, glass material artifact, so the technical appraisal of the material composition only be used as an adjunct to, rather than decided Liuli value basis. Characteristics and manufacturing of animal husbandry, said the judge the authenticity and value of colored glaze, more or rely on experience, analysis of shape, ornamentation years are consistent with the characteristics of the ingredients colors and countries of origin is consistent. This requires that collectors have certain cultural and historical foundation and knowledge, or gullible.

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