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Personalized entrepreneurial played together make a lot of money

Jing Co., Ltd., Beijing building peak operating the gold crystal products source shopping centers Layer Color key manager Mr. Lu told reporters: "The common keys and color keys with sold, priced at 10 yuan each color key monthly surplus in 2000 yuan most cities across the country in the rent attendant wages lower than in Beijing, therefore greater feasibility of the company. "Mr. Qi said, the color key surface production can be personalized according to the different requirements of users, The printed pattern china crystal specified by a customer, such as the corporate name, LOGO, slogan, etc., as a medium of the media, the commercialization of value-added services, and publicity to enhance user corporate image.
    Shop-in-shop crystal box business color key mode is popular in the market: that a molding shop (jewelry shop class, clothing stores, convenience store category, auto parts, etc.) may be the introduction of the project, without an increase in the operating area, not need to increase staff, we can achieve the purpose of expanding earnings.
    Insiders said that the listing of color keys is not a long time, the market also slightly confusing name foreign imports color key franchisees deliberately deceive investors, at the same time line "roasted" phenomenon is becoming more serious, entrepreneurs in the investment to be doubly cautious.
    Item: Crystal flower beautiful immortal wonderful
    The preparation of flexible wire out the different features mosaic patterns; resin, dipped in a colorful mosaic of different colors; assembly skills, combined into intricate shapes of flowers, this is crystal clear, colorful splendor, afraid of washing crystal flower, not afraid of pressure off.
    2002, crystal flower craft from Japan to China, singular artistic conception, each with the ingenuity of flower arranging skills as well as the unique and innovative personalization features, indeed, people shines vertical block is lonely at the top price not sought after it. The Golden Pear Trading Co., Ltd. Sun Lihua manager is to see this investment crystal flower craft. Crystal flower craft the operation is very simple, just a set of tools (including scissors, pliers, CPT, wire), small investment, select the square meters of a 5-10 store in the mall or business district, as well as 5000, she said, $ material, you can open an elegant crystal flower shop.
    According to her, the crystal flower drawing on the advantages of silk flowers and fresh flowers, beautiful yet luxurious, a $ 880 crystal inserted vase costs only 100 yuan Every holiday sales season, sales more popular. She told reporters that this year's Valentine's Day, crystal flower Xidan turnover reached 7,000 yuan. A shop less than 5 square meters per month of water, at least in the more than 30,000 yuan, the removal of rent, labor, and other monthly conservative calculation, with a net profit of at least 5,000 yuan. Out of curiosity and love, young people prefer hands-on, experience the fun of DIY crystal products. It is learned that the only DIY an income per month on the total income of 20% or more.
    Item: color key to open the door to personalized
    Covered with a key to the color coat easily distinguishable and easy to find, but also can be used as decorations worn on the hands, chest, or hanging on the phone, backpack on a full fashion, provocative personal characteristics. Color key by the country immediately by people of all ages.
    The high-tech laser printing technology in key surface printing various color screen, its light weight, wear-resistant, not easy to break, easy to fade, this entrepreneurial project, operating it is not cumbersome. The size of just 1 square meters, a high-strength copper or alloy material key blanks, a key grinding machine shop can be opened.
    Good market forecast survey of local consumers tendency, of which a series of product market demand is the most important operation of such projects, and only by understanding the market demands, and to sum up experience in the business, the main type of product, and expand their business through different channels, in order to win the market.
Such as art according to class porcelain figurines cooperation with the studio, and allow them to pass on the porcelain figurines processing business to increase profitability.
    Item: Digital the porcelain figurines Hall my porcelain figurines
    A set of digital Cixiang turn, roasted India equipment, a computer, a scanner, a printer, processing non-technical requirements, just a simple computer operation, 3,000 yuan of liquidity, you can open a digital Cixiang Museum .
    This digital the porcelain figurines Hall, and the use of modern high-tech digital technology, transferring photos or portraits, porcelain baked India to overcome the traditional the porcelain figurines process cumbersome, fuzzy screen, easy to fade and many other shortcomings, made of porcelain figurines than photo effect, never fade, and can be printed on ordinary porcelain tiles, porcelain plates, while the most important thing is that it meets the younger generation with the same psychological With this digital Cixiang technology, The various novel idea of ​​the customer, can be met.
    Operating a store, just invest 15,000 yuan, including rent for approval costs, device configuration, staff wages. A dozen square meters of storefront showrooms and facade, a 56 square meters room for processing, to business. Processed into 8-inch and 12-inch figures artistic photos the porcelain figurines example, the retail price of 100 yuan per gross profit of 80 yuan, if the location Select the appropriate, then profits can imagine. Young people nowadays are advertised personality and alternative fashion is synonymous pursuit of individuality is their motto, gave birth to market demand, the discerning entrepreneurs the opportunity is spotted, the target group of new force in the market endless customer base of entrepreneurial projects, DIY-business strategy is> to gather a lot of popularity for such a low-cost venture project.

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