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With modern art and archaize art in one of the metal frame

The metal frame, the appearance of pure handmade carved into, pure manual polishing. Product for the classic European style, it's body now detail processing methods, is the classic 'through history, there is a strong human culture breath! Collection of modern art and archaize art at an organic whole, very suitable for the sitting room,crystal building model hotel, office and other places of use, which rose to decorate the effect, still reflected master elegant taste.

Domestic high-end real estate, high-quality goods is furniture and accessories professional supplier of the company. All products imported from Europe, unique design concept,crystal pyramids the top technology and material,crystal diamond keychain product since entering the China market has been actively expand business to more than 20 domestic cities. China's market high-end real estate professional project, the five-star hotel and villa, social elite high-end consumption class whole home outfit design program of the professional partner.

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