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Crystal fang CengYong: millions of wealth JiaoBan innovation even factory

Business introduction: innovation workshop dense debut, kai-fu lee hatch 100 entrepreneurs, for the success of innovative enterprise into genes; Hunan crystal lane CengYong pioneering group, a group of small hatch in the enterprise, decided to help ten thousand people venture, claiming that copy innovation factory.

CengYong no so NiuQi, dare JiaoBan kai-fu lee?

"Thanksgiving grew up in a great era, always carries a grateful heart, said gratitude, do the words of gratitude. A person to business success is small success, and help more entrepreneurial success is big success, for helping others is helping himself."

"The age of 40, one thousand games before doing business speech, fifty years ago, open entity shop, 60 years ago, help one hundred million Chinese successful employment." In sina micro Po,crystal wine stopper china a name CengYong entrepreneurs writing this paragraph.

CengYong Bert?

The chairman CengYong to the crystal fang about new discovery of yellow crystal

From the start of the jade lay in dream

And most entrepreneurs, CengYong is also self-made man, his experience full of way.

In 1992, the hunan agricultural machinery on the technical secondary school, because the family circumstances are poor, CengYong living expenses to solve, and even bear is tuition fees. crystal table clockMake money of school training, CengYong become attached to the life of the company business-the crystals.

Ten years old, he can do what?

The old man put stall in from selling jade there, credit to buy up slightly, and the string arrive school dormitory marketing, earn the middle of the small profit. At that time the CengYong, selling jade as a kind of tool to make money, through the "pour goods" earn living expenses. In his heart, the real ideal is to find a safe work.

But the aim high you will encounter the challenge of life is always, to CengYong, this social rules also play a role. Graduated in 96 to work on the first day, CengYong had factory restructuring helpless laid-off. It never rains but it pours, job loss, he home and be the most serious swallowing.

After the floods have only 16 yuan on money, CengYong again to changsha of their dreams.

"The first day is laid off." Speaking of mood at that time, CengYong appear rather helpless. But he soon raised eyebrows, "can I have today, also appreciate life force me to the wall."

It is that time, the impact of the CengYong life,crystal lotus candleholder inspired him to help entrepreneurs "mount" early.

Changsha that day, is almost distressed. During the day, CengYong frantically searching for work; In the evening, sleep in the office on the carpet of students. The countless times refused, he even can't find a proper job, even hunger were very difficult.

Necessary, CengYong had to return to put stall in the campus, and to sell jade maintenance livelihood.

It was a deep and eternal memory.

"I spend 110 yuan a month rent a room of little rooms, crystal building modelin xiangjiang river, and the orange continent full leather shoes, wipe on three rounds of the 'poor' men." Several times by the end of the month, for not the payment on time, CengYong bedding sheets by the landlord the boss threw out, the life is the most embarrassed, often a day only eat a meal.

Live so hard, but never give up pursuit. Everyday ride a car old bike in changsha FengLiLai rain, a get a push to the office, be cast out again, CengYong skillful. CengYong that so far, direct marketing is still a very good way, can every day some little income.

In 1998, CengYong finally takes in changsha opened his own store. Stores and less than 20 square meters, the rent is 3000 yuan/month, in a deserted glass closet in our dining room, put the wish of the crystal to around, jade. The first a crystal jade store opening-is CengYong give yourself 23 years old birthday gift.

Compared with their own suffering, and another thing, more touched CengYong heart, also stimulate he decided, must do big business of his own.

Crystal jade store opening soon, a 70-year-old man walked into the shop, open the layers of parcels, were sent trembling took out a bracelet, say that is more than 700 dollars of flower son on a business trip to buy, they have been reluctant to wear, to CengYong distinguishes distinguishes true and false. CengYong see horror, the bracelet market price but few yuan of money.

In the 1990 s, jade industry the good and bad are intermingled, just beginning to rich people pursuit of jewelry and jade article, market booming up suddenly, but due to the lack of true and false identification ability, a lot of businessmen and the real ones, seek profits.

The confusion of the industry condition hurt CengYong, he promised: "the brand, let common people jewelry industry regression rational. Over the years, crystal fang success, to a great extent from conscience and honesty.

The cliff dig a crystal

"The stone 5000 yuan, now bought at least 500000 yuan." CengYong a face satisfied, pointing to the crystal fang pioneering group exhibition hall on the third floor of a piece of jade to see the author.

Bet stone is crystal jade industry an open secret, trying to find a high quality jade, jade merchant will join in the most bet stone industry. Although the risk is high, but once on the gambling, income also is extremely high. The beginning of foundation, the strength is not strong CengYong also helpless on the bet stone road.

"The fairy also difficult to break" jade ", a CengYong found a piece of jade, its surface is green, CengYong spent 300000 yuan on down, after the incision found worthless.

Bet stone industry circulated in a word: "a sword, a sword, poor rich three knife four knife wear shorts." CengYong said, who also don't know you spend bought what on earth is the high price, crystal pyramidsonly after the cut, to let your heart "stone" really fall to the ground. The first knife down perhaps what all have no, the second knife down maybe eyeful is green. Perhaps, the first knife down is green, but the second knife down what also have no, finally nothing.

In front of the author and the jade, is one of CengYong masterpiece. Because there is a layer of skin appearance by shell keep out, can't see jade's internal situation, according to the characteristics of CengYong coat, keen judgment this is most likely piece of good jade, glad to buy it, after someone bid $500000 to buy away, but is CengYong declined.

CengYong why want to bet stone? The answer is raw materials.

Known around the world, crystal jade jewelry raw materials are non-renewable resources, to some extent, restricted the development of the industry, yet the crystal industry no big MAC enterprise. And for just involved in crystal jade industry CengYong character, besides bet stone, and what way can get good raw material?

Of course, with the growing strength of enterprises step by step, CengYong found another revenue the larger, more have sustained some treasure way, although this way also full of risk.

Close to the cliff wall, feet the abyss, rapid river raging, this is CengYong looking for a gem the tip of the iceberg.

Have just had a fierce storm scour, CengYong took a motorcycle, in a muddy path running all the way on the line.

As usual, fine fine looking for these irregular stone, every move step would be very careful, until the cliff edge, but he the exclusion.

More than two hours later, in the cliff found a fissure irregular crystal, CengYong unsanitary environment, be careful hid into special bag. This time, he XuPu in hunan in yellow crystal mineral township found.

In huaihua necessary of YuanShui upstream, CengYong also found necessary rich reserves of jasper (quartzite jade), successful open another door crystal market.

Just a few short years time, crystal fang all the way unconventional, 2011 in the country has more than 30 provinces and cities spread out, with more than 800 outlets, market space but far from saturated. Prospects even considerable, but crystal jade raw materials is not renewable resources.

Crystal fang under it, pearl, ocean benmingnian dongting lake and legend, the man, copper age, JinYuTang six brand

CengYong capable of good reason, have been seeking jade mines.

As early as in 2008, CengYong travelling to sichuan province, in tonghua village found sichuan white jade, decisive investment of 20 million yuan, according to the current domestic production, for 20 years.

The material supply are secure, and that the market demand so big, the space of the first China crystal lane of a great enough. CengYong adhere to the principle: a mage is please eminent monks dedication;crystal gift decoration Two is to cause the core technology, really create "spiritual crystal, really stone glamour".

In technology, CengYong spend more than 200 introduction "spell stone technology", a production workshop. The so-called spell stone technique is different materials and different color jade, crystal and joining together of all sorts of design into act the role of article. Can the expression of theme the implied meaning of the jewelry.

The technology is currently in the domestic large-scale jewelry processing enterprise is unique.

China crystal first fang

The so-called precise excellent enterprise positioning, often are in a brutal market in marketer adjusting gradually out of feeling. CengYong the beginning of foundation, the ordinary jade began, part business, while investigating the market while searching for can support sustainable development of the sources, will eventually target consumers locked in the fashion group of women, and at the same time corresponding adjustment for products.

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