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« The Vatican Karen crystal jade household "fashion" invulnerable Crystal fang CengYong: millions of wealth JiaoBan innovation even factory »

The individual character of crystal ornaments the beautiful card of the most special photography!

The beautiful card crystal ornaments of new technology of personality caused great revolution image field, will be widely used in wedding studio, CaiKuoDian, photography studio, all walks of life such as high-grade adornment, can make photography, individual character, the celebrity star as, photo of tourism as, landscape landscape painting, business activities as, etc.

The beautiful card personality crystal ornaments launched dazzle colour crystal like making technology reach the international advanced level, and using the computer image processing, by a special process, one pace reachs the designated position, the color image in the crystal. The beautiful card personality crystal ornaments images transparent, crystal perfume bottle supplierdouble appreciation, cold light edges and corners, to perfect the art show in our eyes, with its elegant, clear, high, generous and mysterious by more and more the favour of modern features.

The beautiful card personality crystal ornaments process: image processing, computer imaging, in the crystal, curing, grinding, finished products. The production of individual character, vogue upscale crystal act the role ofing is tasted. The beautiful card personality crystal ornaments simple operation, to learn, without the basis of professional, a computer can be in the digital imaging industry relaxed business.

The beautiful card personality crystal ornaments PFM painting technology USES superior density board with superior crystal materials, using new technology and special equipment melt by a simple process the photos into the crystalline materials of hot melt, painting and crystal materials one integrated mass, combined with density board density.

The beautiful card personality crystal ornaments image clearly distinct, colour is gorgeous, the hot melt processing, picture clear crystal, the effect as crystal, edge streamlined,crystal wine stopper manufacturer extremely has stereo feeling, picture and backplane one integrated mass, have acme of visual experience. The beautiful card personality crystal ornaments pictures and completely isolated from the air,crystal square ashtray prevent oxidation, permanent fidelity do not fade, water resistant moistureproof, corrosion resistance, wear-resisting, anti-ultraviolet radiation. The beautiful card crystal ornaments are catering to the character to life the demand of modern art, it is worth to collect carefully, to appreciate. Will be made permanent the video card's personality crystal ornaments, although collection moments, but memory is endurable, will be a very pleasant things!!!!!

The beautiful card personality crystal ornaments lead decoration decoration industry, wedding studio photography, leading the trend of the advertising industry direction, creative the beautiful card digital imaging technology is widely applied to: the family decoration decoration industry, wedding photography industry, business gifts series,crystal plane model life of collection, advertising class.

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