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Five strokes identify the pros and cons of crystal quality

    According to my understanding, Crystal price gains in recent years, some unscrupulous businessmen in order to obtain illegal profits, often alternative to synthetic crystal, glass crystal gifts, natural crystal to deceive consumers. Favorites investors how to identify the crystal quality of the pros and cons of it? Yaoheng E told the author that, in general, identify the crystal quality is good or bad is to measure the following five aspects.

    First of all, depending on the choice of materials. Look less cloudy or flocculent distribution of gas-liquid inclusions with material stress Crystal completely, but do not see off the cracks, spots; Second, look at the workmanship, crystal products processing mill workers and carving, good workmanship collections not only fully demonstrated crystal products outside the United States, but also tried to show its inner beauty; depends on the polishing, crystal collections polishing is good or bad a direct impact on prices, better than good crystal transparency, gloss .crystal laser Fourth Note the holes and the series crystal products (such as necklaces, prayer beads), depending on the hole is straight, the thickness of the hole is symmetrical, with or without small cracks, hole wall should be clear and transparent; final step is to look at the color, monochrome Crystal chromaticity should be uniform, if it is different shades of crystal, the tone lines should be nice.

    Yao Henge told the author that the difference between natural crystal and artificial crystal method is relatively simple. In general, natural crystal clear water, with a clear sense of cool, and man-made crystal white color, just a sense of cool earth. In addition, if the volume is as large, natural crystal than man-made crystal and glass products feel heavy.


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