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A Sifu Crystal was founded in 1961

A Sifu Crystal was founded in 1961, is crystal laser the world's second largest man-made ​​crystal production company. The brand was first developed by a private crystal manufacturing company from the late 1970s, due to Crystal's huge demand for local and international, to start mass production of crystal products, and during this period the production line automation. The Crystal A Sifu production lead oxide content has reached 30% of high quality and are sold throughout the world, and an crystal trophy average of 92 tons per day of high yield.

A Sifu crystal products is exquisite technology, the texture is perfectly clear, exudes the ancient and mysterious atmosphere of Egypt, the main products include gifts, jewelry, ornaments, accessories, lighting, and variety, suitable for a number of areas.
Author: Pujiang MingHuang Crystal Arts and Crafts Manufactory
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