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Buy crystal glass tableware through sound

Buy crystal glass tableware through sound, touch, appearance, etc. to distinguish between ordinary glass, lead crystal glass, lead-free crystal box crystal glass. Ordinary glass products are faded, the refractive index difference, rough work, and feel bad, and even some local bubbles, gently tap the sound dull. Crystal glass products is relatively common glass products bright color, refractive index, workmanship, feeling good, looks like a crystal made ​​of, gently tap the crystal products crisp metallic sound. Compared to leaded crystal glass and lead-free crystal glass products, the Chamber seemed heavy.

    In addition, the ordinary glass tableware is not completely reliable in the long-term flooding under certain circumstances, it will crystal trophy produce the phenomenon of "moldy". This is because the glass long-term erosion by water, the reaction of sodium silicate glass with the air of carbon dioxide will produce white carbonate crystallization, the crystallization of human health damage. The removal of these carbonate crystallization method is to use alkaline detergent cleaning. While ordinary glass may contain trace amounts of lead, under normal use will not be damaging to health. If you do not worry, before the first use of ordinary glass tableware in the vinegar soak in the water can lead to precipitation. Bloom acidic drinks or food, the best use of ordinary glass, as far as possible avoid the use of leaded glass.

Author:Pujiang MingHuang Crystal Arts and Crafts Manufactory
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