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The province's largest distribution center for township crystal opened in the east China sea

      May 15, in the morning, QuYang crystal street waving flags and banners, firecrackers exploded, jiangsu province in, the largest town in the east China sea QuYang crystal crystal street project operation formally opened. City and county leadership DongShuJuan, ZhengPing, ZhaoJianHua, GuanYongJian, GaoLanJun, DongShuGuang, dong steps to attend the opening ceremony of auspicious.
      QuYang township is a well-known "hometown of crystal", the entire town has crystal JiaGongHu nearly 2000 households,crystal gifts  the perennial engaged in crystal handicraft processing the personnel have more than 10000 people, the number of crystal industry from 70% of the population. In recent years, GaiXiang according to "one village one products" industry planning, the development of the ZhaoZhuangCun crystal ornaments, Yin crystal beads village village, south of the village crystal mesh bracelet, xue port village crystal bracelet, the west village, so the crystal ball, crystal sculpture ChengBeiCun six characteristics ZhuanYeCun crystals, crystal industry has become the QuYang township of main channel of the farmers. But because the condition restriction, QuYang before the crystal JiaGongHu every five days time only by the county fair trade, crystal laser  even with customers from door to door acquisition, because JiaGongHu more decentralized, trading up very not easy.
      The new bridge QuYang crystal street and a total investment of 200 million yuan, covers an area of 150 mu, project planning north and south is 1000 metres long, thing 100 meters wide and sets processing, trade, entertainment, tourism, as a whole, it has a 228 building exhibition hall, shops and workshop is using "after the store before the enterprise" characteristic management mode, the customer in addition to buy in the store directly buy the finished product, can according to be fond of choosing crystalline original rock to model. In order to better support crystal industry development, to open sales channel, crystal products crystal street also set up "crystal quality test center", "crystal trade center website", the convenience of our customers and crystal crystal detection, manage to online purchase and online sales.
      According to information, QuYang crystal street built, still can increase obtain employment post 600, achieve output of 300 million yuan, will be the new crystal the original stone distribution center, crystal products marketing center and crystal industry exchange center of information.
      On the day of the opening ceremony, QuYang township responsible for comrades said, will further develop and expand QuYang crystal street, promote QuYang crystal processing and even the county-wide crystal industry development to a new level, for the east China sea and rapid development of the economy and make more contribution.
Author:Pujiang MingHuang crystal handicraft factory
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